Saugata Roy Speaks on Citizenship (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015 | Transcript

Regarding the speech by Dr Sanjay Jaiswal of BJP where he made a mention of what I had said earlier on the Citizenship (Amendment) Ordinance. Unless he had mentioned my name, I would not have risen and taken the time of the House. On our behalf Ratna De will speak and please allow me two minutes.

Sir, Rule 357 says a Member may with the permission of the Speaker, make a personal explanation, although there is no question before the House, but in the case no debatable matter may be brought forward and no debate shall arise.

Sir, I was told, as I was not here,  the Citizenship Bill was being discussed, while discussing the Bill, Dr Jaiswal made a reference to the points I made while opposing the introduction of the Bill the other day. I had mentioned that this Government has brought six Ordinances and trying to run the country through an Ordinance Raj. So this is not good governance. I am told that Dr Sanjay Jaiswal had stated that in West Bengal MPs are being arrested. He also said the Chief Minister’s companion is being arrested.

Now, when I made the reference I did not mention which ruling party President was arrested earlier.  I also did not mention which ruling party Chief Minister was arrested earlier. I also did not mention how the President of the ruling party was let off by the CBI in a case of rioting and murder. I have not mentioned.

I want these references by Dr Sanjay Jaiswal should be deleted as I was not even in the House when my references were made.