Derek O’Brien speaks during farewell to retiring members | Full Transcript

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Stranger things have happened in Parliamentary democracy where somebody from my party stands up by choice and not by compulsion to bid a warm farewell to two MPs from the CPI(M) and CPI. I do this, as I said, by choice not by compulsion. This is the greatness parliamentary democracy of our. We may have serious differences with their ideology and despise them politically, but when we walk in through these doors, in the best way possible, we try and participate in the parliamentary democracy.

So, a very warm welcome back to Mr Ravi and a very warm farewell Mr Achuthan and very especially to P Rajeeve. During UPA II, we were working pretty much together on a number of things. Now that things have changed, we are still in the middle. We wish them well. We wish them happiness in whatever they do and all the best to the families.

I want to end by giving you a piece of information which I think is very important for the House. What does P in P Rajeeve’s name stand for? I have that answer. The P stands for Parliamentary Rajeeve.