Derek O’Brien raises question on Central assistance to States for setting up industry | Transcript

The Minister has quite correctly pointed out in her answer only DIPP and ILDP, which are small amounts of money comparatively.

Sir, I have a specific question for which I have to give you three little statistics – the first one Sir, the growth in the service sector in Bengal has been 6.9% compared to National average of 7.9%. The industrial growth (national average) has been 1% nationally and in Bengal it has been in 9% last year.  On the GDP growth – on the national it has been 7% and the GSDP at the state level has been about 10%.

The Question is, will the Hon’ble Minister consider using this model which has worked pretty well to shore up the numbers in states that have been in a similar situation like this, which have had a lot of debt stress. Under these conditions this model has worked well, so will the Minister consider using this model in a few other states?