Fair price medicine shops – Another international acclaim for Bengal

Fair Price Medicine Shops and Diagnostic Centres in Government Hospitals of West Bengal, which were a brainchild of Ms Mamata Banerjee, continue to receive more and more international attention and acclaim.

A research study conducted on this innovative intervention of our Government to reduce out of pocket expenses of patient parties has been selected for presentation in the 11th World Congress of International Health Economics Association to be held at Milan, Italy during 12-15th July, 2015.

Incidentally, 99 Fair Price Medicine Shops have been opened in just 4 years providing medicines at 48 to 77.2% discount. Discount worth more than Rs 440 crore has been availed of by 157 lakh patients so far. It has also been declared Model for the country.

Moreover, 58 Fair Price Diagnostic Centres have been set up in just 4 years offering digital X-ray, dialysis, CT Scan and MRI at very affordable price.