Debabrata Bandyopadhyay speaks regarding the Indians stranded in Iraq | Transcript

Sir, the first question I would like to ask is: What is the total number of Indians stranded in Iraq? There are conflicting numbers. It is good that about 4,900 Indians have been assisted to come back, but out of how many? It is important to know that. I shall be extremely happy if the Government could give an answer to this.

Secondly, Sir, there are construction labourers from Murshidabad, Malda, North Dinajpur, Nadia and North 24 Parganas districts of West Bengal in Iraq. In fact, according to the latest information that I have, most of the family members are not in touch with those who have gone abroad. In fact, they are in an absolute misery to know what has happened to them. So, I would like the Government to take measures to bring those 4,900 Indians back.

What will happen to the rest? Many of them do not have their passports with them because the agents keep the passports with them. Many of them do not have money with them, because it is the agents who pay the money to take them there and also to bring them back. So, they are just stranded like beggars in a foreign country. Sir, I would urge, through you, to the Government to bring them back with an appropriate financial help, so that they reach their near and dear ones. We are deeply concerned, particularly, about the construction labourers. They have gone not only to earn their living, that they have done, but they have also done many things for the other country. Iraq Railways would not have run but for the Indian Railway workers. The Iraq Roadways would not have been there but for the Indian construction workers.

So, it is not that they go there only to earn, but they are also contributing to their welfare. So, I would request the Government to take the matter very seriously, which they have done, and bring back all the Indians who want to come back.

Thank you.