Derek O’Brien raises question on communal incidents in the country | Transcript

Sir, the Minister has stated that the number of communal incidents has gone down by 22%. But even he knows that the reality of the number and perception is completely different. There maybe a 222% change.

Sir, my question is what is the definition of a communal incident? Are these incidents due to:

a) Use of loudspeakers

b) Rumour mongering

c) Technology

And my question specifically to the Minister is this. If you are saying the number of communal incidents have come down, will you share the figures?

There is another category called ‘Others’. So how much has ‘Others’ gone up, because in that category, all other incidents – including the communal incidents – can fit in.

So, here’s the question, give us the figures of ‘Others’ so we know how many communal incidents took place. Sir, my colleague asked about the church burning… SIT was constituted in December, 2014. No progress has been made. If church burning is not a communal incident then what else is?