34 multi super speciality hospitals coming up in Bengal

Twenty super-speciality hospitals in the districts would be ready by 2016, while another 14 would be constructed by HRBC, the minister of state for Health and family welfare, Chandrima Bhattacharya informed the Assembly on Tuesday. She was replying during the demand for budgetary grant of the department.

Nearly 78 per cent of the West Bengal’s population were dependent on the government’s healthcare delivery system, she said.

Majority of the people subscribe to the government healthcare system, which had been revamped and improved after 34 years of Left Front rule which had completely damaged it, the minister added.

She said that many services had been made free for patients, adding that the medicines supplied through the fair price shops were being verified by the drug controller and were not inferior quality as many Opposition members alleged.

She said that allocation during the four years of Trinamool Congress rule had been doubled from the level which existed before.


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Ratna De Nag speaks on demands for grants under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare| Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Hon. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I thank you for allowing me to speak on the Demands for Grants of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare 2015-16.

Firstly, I would like to quote as to what the Ministry has informed the Committee on Health and Family Welfare. It had stated that the projected demand of the Ministry for Plan Funds for 2015-16 was Rs 14,456 crore but the actual allocation made is only Rs.6, 254 crore. There is a shortfall of Rs 8,202 crore.

The startling fact is that this shortfall in Plan allocation has been attributed to non-allocation of funds for certain State Plan schemes in the Health sector. I would urge upon the Minister to explain this huge gap in projection, allocation and n