Ratna De Nag speaks on Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015 | Transcript

I would like to express my thanks to the Chair for giving me this opportunity to speak on Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015.

The Bill was brought to the House, against the Ordinance promulgated by the Government. By going through the Bill I could find that it has come a bit late due to the Government’s inability to get it passed in Rajya Sabha; in spite of its introduction on 22 December, 2014, due to its position. But better late than never.

It is of utmost importance to regulate the rules with regard to the speed and dimensions under the Motor Vehicles Act. This Bill is aimed at providing relief to the drivers of the e-rickshaw and e-carts. I welcome it. To streamline the drivers of the e-rickshaw and e-carts there is a need to relax the condition of learners license for driving transport vehicles.

I support this Bill as it results in employment for a large number of people. Drivers will now have a smooth transition from manual rickshaw to electric power seal-wheel vehicles. I hope with the passage of time  e-rickshaw and e-carts are streamlined in every respect.

Sir, before I conclude I would like to make a request to the Hon’ble Minister, please help the poor drivers of the e-rickshaw and e-carts, either in getting a loan from the bank in zero interest or less interest or by giving them some subsidy.

Thank you.