Derek O’Brien speaks on the withdrawal of CRPF companies from North Bengal | Transcript

Sir, I want to bring to the notice of the House through you the issue about the withdrawal of additional CRPF forces from North Bengal. Bengal is one of the few states which share its borders with three countries. The MoS for Home Affairs is here. His state too shares the border with three countries, so he will appreciate this and I want to thank the Minister for staying back to listen to this in spite of the earlier disruption. We appreciate that, Sir.

Sir, thirteen CRPF Companies had been posted in North Bengal. The State Government wrote to the Central Government when the Ministry of Home Affairs wanted to remove those thirteen Companies on the 14th July.

Sir, the area there itself is quite tense. In December there were killings in Jalpaiguri and the KPP and the KLO are operational in that area, Sir.

Sir, of these thirteen Companies, despite the State Government writing, sadly Sir, tomorrow morning at 10 AM, around 20 hrs from now, five of those Companies are being withdrawn and on the 31st July eight more will be withdrawn.

Sir, through you I will appeal, request and urge the Ministry of Home Affairs to please reconsider, in the interest of peace in that area. The State Government has made the request in writing. The new Government had made many statements on how they want federalism to operate in the true sense of the word, not through cooperative federalism but through operative federalism. Sir, the Minister for Home is here. Please stay this order. Please help the State Government to maintain peace in those highly sensitive areas. Time is running out, tomorrow is the deadline. We would really appreciate if those thirteen CRPF Companies are allowed to stay in North Bengal.