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February 22, 2013

Trinamool MPs` speak on Hyderabad blast in the both Houses of the Parliament

Trinamool MPs` speak on Hyderabad blast in the both Houses of the Parliament
Trinamool Congress MP SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY on Hyderabad blast in Lok Sabha dated : 22.02.2013 :
Madam, yesterday`s incident in Hyderabad was really a barbaric, cowardice, as you have mentioned, a heinous and a shameful incident, which we strongly condemn.  What it appears is that the Government of India possibly was over-confident that such type of incidents will not occur anywhere in India any further more.  Yesterday, the hon. President in his speech implied that there were no possibilities.  This was mentioned in President`s speech that we are still concerned about the terrorist threat which may occur in our country.  So, what we feel is that we are going to be sandwiched between terrorist attack on one side and Maoists attack on the other side.
We face this type of Maoist activities in our State of Bengal.  You will be glad to know that now it is at zero level.  The Chief Minister`s tremendous style of functioning has made Maoist activities in Bengal at zero level.  What I would like 
to mention or would suggest that when Advaniji was the Home Minister, he used 
to make us convinced as to how Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammed, 
Lashkar-e-Taiba and other terrorist outfits were functioning.  We have heard that 
Indian Mujahideen has now stationed in Hyderabad and they are trying to operate 
it.  So, if we take these incidents seriously, we should be more cautious. I fully 
believe that India is a country where the people are firm believers of the principles 
of remaining united at the time of crisis.   
All the political parties are united in standing behind the Government, and we will extend our full support to whatever measures the Government wishes to take in this regard.  Equally the Government will have to rise to the occasion with firm attitude and should give a feeling to the common people that the Government is functioning properly with positive outlook and with managerial efficiency. 
Trinamool Congress MP DEREK O`BRIEN on Hyderabad blast in Rajya Sabha dated : 22.02.2013 :
Sir, every death is a tragedy. But, unfortunately, in our country every terrorist attack is only becoming a statistic. If we look back, in August, 2007, 42 people had died in the same city in a terrorist attack. What has happened? We believe, today, the time has come for us in this august House to show the nation some resolve, beyond just words.
But, first, our deepest condolences to those who have lost their family members. We urge the Government to ensure whatever relief is possible in the quickest way possible. We are extremely disappointed with — what I would call this — `copy-paste` response to terrorist attacks. With all respect, I am referring to the response in August, 2007 and the kind of response which the Home Minister has given us today, which is a `copy-paste` response to terrorist attacks.
Sir, the Government needs to understand that the simplest way to deal with this is not a reactive reaction, but to be proactive in handling terrorism. I propose that in this Parliament Session itself, we should keep one day or two days for discussing anti-terror mechanism and how the Centre along with States can get this going together.
Having said this, in dealing with terrorism, the law enforcement agencies should not adopt any terrorist tactics. Any illegal action by these law-enforcement agencies would give legitimacy to the lawlessness of the outlaws.
Sir, this is not the time to make speeches. This is the time to act. This is the time to be not reactive, but proactive, and this is time to give every child in India a chance to sleep tonight feeling that his or her country is a safe place to say `goodnight`.