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May 3, 2013

Trinamool Chairperson addresses protest rally at Shyambazar

Trinamool Chairperson addresses protest rally at Shyambazar
AITMC Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee addressed a protest rally at Shyambazar 5-point Crossing on May 2nd 2013. At the onset of her speech she greeted a very Happy Bengali New Year to all present including Trinamool State President Subrata Bakshi,Secretary General Partha Chatterjee, Derek O`Brien and all other colleagues, MPs, MLAs, Councilors, block and district leaders and representatives, gathered .
Ms. Mamata Banerjee said, “For the last few days there has been a wave of false allegations against my party, the State Govt., and even family members have been pulled in. I have not had the time to reply to the allegations in the last few days as my primary work is to give protection to the common people.  People who have lost everything, people who have been cheated, people who had no fault but are shedding tears today, my first consideration was for them. I have passed the new law, formed the Commission and completed all my work and duty in the interest of the common people. After completing all my work I have come in front of people and that is why I am late, I am sorry“.
“I have two identities, when I`m working for the government I`m the Chief Minister, but yet I don`t use the previous CM`s chair, l have bought a common chair for myself. Today I am here as the Chairperson of AITMC, I have formed this party with people`s blood, sweat and love. I would like to tell those who have conspired to damage this party, that I`m proud of Trinamool Congress because out of 100 only 1 or 2 people might be corrupt. In a family 1 person might be corrupt that does not mean you accuse the entire family. It is not right to judge 99 people based on the action of 1. Our party is transparent, we have accountability, we have credentials, but we are bit emotional and affectionate. So when poor people are in trouble even our hearts cry“, said Ms. Banerjee.
“Friends, I would like to bring to your notice that police can only take action when there is a complaint or a FIR only in very rare cases there can be a suo moto. We had sent a letter on 8th Feb to the Govt. of India after hearing vague news from some source. Money laundering, SEBI and RBI, Chit Fund are all under Central Government. On 15th April 2013 (Poila Boishakh) while watching a television programme on Tara Channel, I saw journalists and artists are crying. I follow the music channel as I love music. I told my administrative team that I don`t want this channel to close down, within the limit of law and technicality please try to save this popular channel. I asked the channel to put an FIR with police. The previous government had not taken any step and did not even bother to bring to our notice about the issue of chit fund, whereas they had witnessed the growth of such illegal organizations.“
Ms. Banerjee quoted the letter from the Rashtrapati Bhavan, “The West Bengal Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishment Bill 2003, sent for the assent of the President cannot be accepted as it will not be appropriate to recommend a faulty and an incomplete legislation, hence it is recommended that the bill may be withdrawn and a fresh legislation must be incorporated.“ On the new Law for protecting depositors against Chit Funds, she said, “Under the permit of the new law no perpetrator will be spared and all illegal property will be auctioned and poor people will be paid off.“
“I work for the State Govt. but don`t take any salary or facility of car and house as I work voluntarily in the interest of the common people. I`m the protector of people, not in exchange of money, but out of love.“ said Ms Banerjee. “I can proudly challenge I have never taken any advertisement from a chit fund group or from Central Government for my paper `Jago Bangla` as I do not misuse my power,“ she said.
Ms. Banerjee said that “Charity begins at home. I would like to bring to the notice of the common people the growth that Bengal has achieved in the last year. Here are the documents accepted by the Planning Commission that states that West Bengal has achieved a higher growth than the national average, national GDP for year 2012-13 is 4.96 whereas Bengal`s GDP is 7.6. National average of agricultural growth 2012-13 is 1.79 and Bengal has recorded 2.56. People say industry is neglected in Bengal but the records say otherwise, national industrial growth rate is 3.12 whereas Bengal has achieved 6.24 which is double of the national average. In Service sector national average is 6.59 and Bengal`s average is 9.48. Growth of Revenue in Bengal is 30 %, 12,000 crore more income has been generated than before. These record performances have been achieved in spite of challenges and obstacles. So I want to assure my people that I`ll bring back the lost glory of Bengal.“
“The people of Bengal are my family, I don`t have any other family“, she reiterated.
She ended her speech by saying that she will be addressing another mass meeting at Panihati on May 4.