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April 23, 2011

Read here what Mamata Banerjee and Manmohan Singh had to say in their joint meeting at Dum Dum

Read here what Mamata Banerjee and Manmohan Singh had to say in their joint meeting at Dum Dum

Mamata Banerjee-

I'm honored that our Prime Minister himself has come to attend a joint meeting because change is near.

I appeal to the people to destroy LF's anarchy.

The CPM is bankrupt –not only economically but politically, in civil manners and administration. They are only left with usage of dirty slangs.

What the CPM is practising today,is not marxism. 

If we come in power we promise to build as many schools,madrasas, colleges and hospitals as required.

We have to bring in government for Maa mati manush. That's why change is necessary.

Manmohan Singh-

Give Mamata Banerjee  a chance to serve the people of Bengal. In the last 34 years, Left Front has shown how it rules the State.

Today in Bengal, circumstances are very bad. The common man’s life has been affected badly.

The first thing we will do when we get into government is to bring peace to every corner each part of the State.

West Bengal’s tradition should be alive. It is a pity that today education has suffered in West Bengal. Even Manipur and Nagaland have moved ahead of Bengal.

Bengal can go the furthest in education but for this we will have to put in a lot of effort. We will have to improve the situation considerably.

With regards to professional education, Bengal is very backward, much behind others. We need government intervention in the education sector, to provide talent for the IT companies and IT sector. Only the Trinamool and Congress alliance can do all this.

There was a time when West Bengal had a pride of place in the sphere of industry in the country. But the dream was left incomplete.

Left Front has broken the trust of the people of West Bengal.

UPA government has kept secure the interests of minorities which the Left Front have failed miserably in the state. 



As you know the UPA government has put in many schemes such as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, NREGA, etc. We want that the full benefits of these yojanas accrue to West Bengal as well.



Public health infrastructure is very bad, primary health is also bad. There is a lack of blood. Bengal has the need development. Only Trinamool-Congress alliance can fulfill the needs of the people in education, health, etc. 



The politicians and ministers have a beautiful dream for Bengal and India – they want to see Bengal and the country successful. Come! Let’s pick a government that can make this dream come true. Let’s pick a government that will fulfill the need. I say to you today, to bring change to Bengal today, vote for Trinamool Congress and Congress.