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December 23, 2018

Kolkata Police to ensure peaceful year-end festive season

Kolkata Police to ensure peaceful year-end festive season

Kolkata Police has made elaborate arrangements for the upcoming festive season in and around the Park Street area. The police wants to ensure that people get to enjoy Christmas and New Year festivities safely and peacefully.

Several roads will be made ‘No Entry’ from 4 PM everyday till the New Year’s eve, commencing from December 25. Traffic movement between Wood Street and JL Nehru Road, Mayo Road from Gandhi Statue towards JL Nehru Road, Middleton Street, Russell Street, Little Russel Street and Camac Street (from Park Street to Middleton Street) will be restricted.

The night clubs, bars and hotels will be kept under strict vigil. Police personnel in uniform and plain clothes will monitor the shopping malls and Metro stations across the city.

Twenty-one divisional (one from each police division) mobile vans will be patrolling the city round-the-clock. Apart from this, 13 Quick Response Team (QRT) and 14 Heavy Radio Flying Squad (HRFS) vans will be posted at strategic points in the city to prevent any untoward incident.

To maintain law and order, the whole of Park Street area has been divided into seven zones. Ten senior police officials of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) rank will be posted at Park Street, who would supervise the force from time to time.

The Kolkata Police’s scooter-borne team of female officers, called ‘Winners’ would be doing the rounds of the city to watch out for eve-teasers. Twenty-five such teams would be deployed, with a higher concentration on Park Street and its surrounding areas.

Eleven watchtowers have been installed in and around Park Street. During the festival days, a Detective Department (DD) team, police personnel in plain clothes and an ARS team will be posted for checking drunken driving.

Apart from the security arrangement, 16 police assistance booths will be there to assist people.

The Disaster Management Group (DMG) team will also be on standby, in case of urgent intervention.