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March 1, 2012

I strongly believe that public will not support this bandh – Chief Minister

I strongly believe that public will not support this bandh –  Chief Minister

Chief Minister and Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee spoke about the development of the State, constraints and her general feeling in an interview today. Here are the transcripts of the important points she focused on –

I request all the people to not to support bandhs. I appeal to the people not to respond to the strike and to attend offices as usual as steps have been taken to run trains, trams, buses. It is a dangerous politics.I believe that the idea of calling bandhs is negative politics and also shows a destructive attitude. That we do not support the politics of bandh has been publicized by us from the last three years. A one-day bandh can result in to a loss of crores and crores of rupees. It reflects in to the pockets of the people as well as the state exchequer.

It is sorry to say that some political parties stick to such measures through out. If proper work was done in the past 35 years, the state would have yielded gold.

It is a known fact that the state treasury is empty. We have not yet received the requisite help from the Center. But we are still moving. I must divulge, Rupees 21 thousand Crore is the current income of the state through Taxes. Where as, Rupees 22 thousand Crore is paid to the Cener as an interest to the pervious Loans. There is no money for pension, salary or any other developmental works.

The State Govt. is taking proper steps to counter the bandh. Even the Hon`ble Calcutta High Court has asked Govt. to take steps to counter bandh.

The state government is taking steps that all transport could run normally. We have spoken to the small traders organisations too and have requested them to keep their shops and establishments open.

If some people are to organize political rallies in support of the bandh, they will be directed by the administrative authorities to do the same by occupying a single lane and not block the whole road.

 The past Govt. supported strikes! A government can not call a strike. We do not support `dalatantra` but `ganatantra`. The Govt will take steps against its employees who will try to support strike by not joining office. It may result into a Break of Service for them.

 The Government will appreciate the works of those whe will keep the state moving forward. They are the future of the state.

 For any disruption related problems, CALL Control Room, Kolkata Police, Lalbazar @ 100 / 1090 / 22143024 / 22143230, Control Room WB Police @ 22145486 / 2214 5087 / 2214 4031.

 `Ayne keu hathe tule neben na. Nile prashasonik byabostha`. I strongly believe that public will not support this bandh.

We have already distributed 5 Lakh  Kisan Credit Card to farmers of the state in just 9 months, will give more. But, may I ask the opposition, why were they silent when cost of fertilizers were increased. We had raised our voice regarding this. Regarding Farakka, when the excess water had been flowing away, what have they done, were they sleeping?

 My congratulations to WBCS officers. They have won. We have made a decision. only those who will work will be sorted out to carry the state on their shoulders for a better tomorrow. Non-cooperation will not be accepted. When I took to office, I was amazed not find proper people in depts like agriculture, Food, Hospital. How will the administration work then? I have to take people in these places. But, again, it takes time.

This state is not Rajasthan or Gujarat where the govt. changes every 5 years.The system has decayed. The work culture, destroyed. One should understand that Shap mochon ar Paap Mochon kortei 5 bochhor lage. But, I am seeing all these personally. Proper work has began in officer-levels. I am proud of it. I have met officers at SDO, BDO, SP levels. I have taken the Secretariat to the districts. It will take six more months to clear everything. In spite of the financial condition, we have given 10% DA to govt employees.

We have been able to institute a system that the teachers get their salary on 1st day of the month. We have been able to institute the Kisan Credit Card. Just because there is no money,  it is taking time.

I have said earlier that out of every one rupee, 94 ps are spent on interests and pension. 6 ps are left for developmental works. Is it possible to rush things in such a position?

Reagrding agriculture in the state, we are looking after the matter of producing those types of potatoes which may be used for export also.

Regarding paddy, we are informed China is supplying paddy to Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh in a much cheaper rate. This was our market. We are looking after demand and supply. The opposition should not advise us on the farmers. In Singur, they tried to take away rice fields. When we took over, the Govt. had paid rice mills for payment to the farmers. Deliberately the payments made to farmers by some of these mills were delayed by check bounce. We are forming rice mills but it will take time to form new rice mills. In 371 blocks, new cold storages, Kisan Mandi, warehouses will be formed in PPP model. The govt. has decided to provide land for cold storage within 2-3 years. Kisan Bandhu, reach of Bank, Kisan Credit Cards etc. are being reached out to the farmer brothers.

We have decided to form a Corporation to be formed to explore possibilities of cultivating Maize and pulses which are in high demand. The Durgapur fertilizer factory will help the Bengal farmers. Farmers to be educated about right usage of fertilizer and thus will save money. In future, our products will be sold in international market.

My message to Trinamool party-workers – Request to people, not to support the Bandh. Immediately inform the police about hooliganism regarding the bandh. DO NOT react.

Regarding administrational plans, Haldia, Siliguri and possibly Chinshurh is to have Commissionerate. Law and order have been uplifted. There has been some stray incidents. But, do not pay attention to false news. Some incidents are being planted. Some incidents have been falsified.

Regarding, Park Street Incident, what I said was distorted. At that point of time, I was reported that the three named in the initial FIR were not guilty.  That is true. Others have been arrested. I feel that the criminals should be punished. Investigation is going on.

I am happy the way the Kolkata Police are performing. Police has acted with precision. Regarding, the Baranagar incident, I feel it is a sad case. Strong measures should be taken. Police did not have the required strength, no money for modernization. I have made the arrangement of recruitment of around 25,000 people in the police force. Will definitely make the needful recruitment to make it strong.

Regarding our party policies, we were against FDI, privatisation of Insurance and Banks.  We are against SEZ. Let the investors come to us, we will give them all possible help. Our policy is against land acquisition. Land Ceiling can not be raised. Even the Jindal’s land was cleared by us. Individual cases will be dealt following the law.

I don’t believe in a system that allows some people will have everything and some will be devoid of everything.

On AMRI issue, the Law is taking its own course. Some people are terming it as Marwari v/s Bangali. Strange. This is very dirty politics. We are trying to bring back the old glory of Bengal. Syndicates are being formed to speak against the government. Around 55,000 people were killed in the past regime. Since there were lesser news channels and papers, it was easier to hide incidents. It is sad that lies are being publicized. Manush sob cheye beshi buddhiman. They do not pay attention to all these.

One should focus on the issues that 35 hospitals, some 1000 schools are to be formed in the districts within 2-3 years. Murshidabad, Nadia, North 24-Parganas Panchayet are not working. I have spoken to SDOs, BDOs and DMs to do the works required. 2 Kg rice in Aila-affected region and Jangal Mahal are some of the processes. Non-cooperation is to be dealt with.

As regards Electricity and power, Non-modernization, overload has led to disruptions. These are being addressed to. We will try to implement measures in the upcoming budget, so that general people are not overburdened.

Regarding, GTA,  we have done our work. Central Govt. is a month late. Instead of reminding them by letter, I thought that a personal interaction was more effective, and I did. I am going to the Hills again on 29th this month.

Regarding bandhs, I reiterate, I will not tolerate any problems. Police will act accordingly. Please do not hesitate to join work tomorrow. We are a progressive government. We are pro-people. The government will run its transports tomorrow. Police will act if deliberate disruptions are made to implement bandh.

Cholar Naam Jibon.