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January 31, 2012

CM answers critics, points out the change

CM answers critics, points out the change

The last Monday of the month saw Trinamool Chairperson and West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee answering to the critics of the Ma, Mati, Manush Government, who had tried to create issues out of administrative steps, had turned an ignorant eye towards the ongoing process of all-round development in state.

`Criticisms are being made with regard to the AMRI Hospital case, but I am not perturbed. Law will take its own course,` the Chief Minister stated. `Whether it is a rickshaw-puller or an influential person, law is the same for everyone,` she asserted while reiterating that no leniency would be shown to the accused.

`The matter is now sub-judice, so I will not influence the administration. But even when the first arrests had taken place, there was an attempt to give it a colour that a particular community was being targeted. Such attempts are unprecedented in the state,` the CM said.

On issues related to Trinamool party, she said, `Our party is committed to the masses. We had opposed when we had observed that certain policies like FDI in retail, Lokayukta clause in Lokpal bill and price rise of fuel will hurt the common man. We have to speak out when we see that the common man is suffering,` she said. `It has been near about eight months that the state has witnessed a change of guard. The centre is well aware of the financial crisis and the debt.`, she said.