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June 30, 2017

10 things Trinamool’s Dr Amit Mitra said today on GST

10 things Trinamool’s Dr Amit Mitra said today on GST
  1. Should we be sitting and clapping when we know in our hearts that the country is not ready for it?


  1. AITC supported GST in 2009; nobody else’s manifesto carried it. We all can come up with a white paper on its preparedness.


  1. We believe that this is a game-changer. Mamata Banerjee has said that we are not against GST rollout. But we are not yet ready for it. Postpone GST launch for now.


  1. We have together made GST happen. Nobody needs to seek credit, it is to everybody’s credit, provided we are ready for it.


  1. Where is the white paper on preparedness? GST is half-baked and dangerous in its present state.


  1. BJP opposed GST for seven years in every way possible. I had to fight them when I was in Delhi. The then Gujarat Chief Minister, now the Prime Minister, had opposed it.


  1. Why have those running small and medium enterprises, which comprise 80 per cent of India’s employment providers and are responsible for 40 per cent of India’s GDP, gone on strike? They are crying out loud, saying we are not ready for GST, give us some time.


  1. We need just a month. With a focused effort, we can get GST done together as a team, but not in this ‘physically zabardast’ way.


  1. Twenty-six of our suggestions were accepted by the GST Council. Two months ago we flagged preparedness. Trinamool wants GST to succeed nationally.


  1. BJP will suffer in its own states for bulldozing GST.


Dr Amit Mitra

Minister of Finance, Commerce and Industries, Government of West Bengal

Chairman, Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers on GST