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October 30, 2021

BJP’s end will begin with Goa: Mamata Banerjee

BJP’s end will begin with Goa: Mamata Banerjee

At the end of her three-day tour of Goa, Mamata Banerjee met the press at the International Centre in Dona Paula.

Highlights from her press conference:

How is an alliance possible with the Congress party, which never lets go of an opportunity to fight against us?

The rate at which Congress’s popularity is decreasing is the same rate at which the TRP of BJP is increasing.

I too don’t want the votes against the BJP in Goa to get divided.

The biggest part of our preparation is creating a family. That has been done. Gradually, more and more people would join us. We will form the committee after more people join.

The end of BJP will begin with Goa. The sufferings of the people of Goa will come to an and.

What does Goa not have! The only thing it lacks is good leadership. Trinamool Congress will fill that gap.

The BJP is not concerned with the country. Farmers are protesting on the streets for almost a year, but the Union government is least concerned. How much have the prices of petrol and diesel increased? What has the Modi government done to decrease the prices?

If BJP really thought of the country, then the rate of unemployment would not have been sky-high today.

I want to remain an ordinary person; I am an ‘LIP’, or ‘less important person’.