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June 1, 2018

Kolkata Traffic Police banks on superhero ‘Deadpool’ for traffic awareness

Kolkata Traffic Police banks on superhero ‘Deadpool’ for traffic awareness

To appeal to the youth, Kolkata Traffic Police is now taking the help of the comic book superhero Deadpool to drive home the message of safe driving.

The traffic police have found that people now, more or less, have adopted the rules for safe driving. However, some people, especially from amongst the youth, still fail to understand the benefits of following the rules, like wearing seat belts and helmets, avoiding drunk driving and rash driving, etc.

To reach out to these people, Kolkata Traffic Police has been putting up posters featuring Deadpool giving out various instructions on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. The one put up on May 24 on Facebook features Deadpool posing on a scooter, with a helmet on, saying, “I have super healing powers, you don’t,” followed by the instruction, ‘Always wear helmets’.

Another one, put up a few days later, features Deadpool peeking from the back seat of a car at a passenger on the front seat not wearing seat belt, and saying, “Just checking your seat belt … Dopinder”. The poster also features the hashtag #BuckleUp.

Both of these have become hugely popular, garnering a few hundred ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’. The department’s short video, made using toy cars, on the ill-effects of drunk driving, posted a few days back, has also become very popular.

Realising the popularity and reach of such unusual methods, Kolkata Traffic Police has planned to release more such posters soon. More and more people are becoming habituated at following rules, and this is good for everyone – pedestrians, drivers, passengers as well as the traffic police personnel.


Source: Sangbad Pratidin