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June 15, 2018

Kolkata Police sets up assistance system, including helpline, for senior citizens

Kolkata Police sets up assistance system, including helpline, for senior citizens

Kolkata Police has set up a 24-hour helpline for senior citizens of the city. Calling up 24190740/41/42 would connect one to the setup, which has been named ‘Pronam’. It is Kolkata Police’s ‘pronam’ (welcome) for the aged, many of whom are left to fend for themselves after their children go away to other places. There is also a fax number – 24190741.

The helpline has been set up for those above 65 years, and who do not have anyone to look after them, and of course, living in the jurisdiction of Kolkata Police. They can call up any of the three numbers mentioned and be assured of immediate help, be it for medical treatment, various types of advice, security precautions to be maintained at home, precautions to be taken while on the road or various other types of assistance.

Before that, though, they have to register with the police, either by going to the local police station and filling up a form or by downloading the form online and submitting it.

After the form is submitted, an officer from the police station goes to check out on the person or couple. For looking after the needs of the elderly, under Pronam, each police station has a designated officer, under whom are three more officers. This team also has the responsibility of periodically visiting such people to ensure whether things are in or order and whether they need any kind of help.

Another important service offered to members of Pronam is that if a member is hospitalised in a private institution, the fees would not have to be paid immediately; it can paid within 48 hours.

As of now, 15,000 people have enrolled for Pronam, and more and more elderly people in need are enrolling every day.

For more information, visit the website of Pronam 


Source: Aajkaal