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June 11, 2018

31 creatures at Alipore Zoo adopted

31 creatures at Alipore Zoo adopted

Thirty-one creatures were adopted for a total price of Rs 11.5 lakh during the recently-concluded adoption programme at Alipore Zoo.

This was good news for the zoo authorities as it takes a part of the load off their shoulders and importantly, it shows the interest that the people of the city have in wildlife.

This adoption scheme at the zoo was started during 2013-14, and was very successful. After a slight luss, the scheme has again picked up a lot of interest. Especially making the zoo authorities happy this year was the fact that among the adopters were school children, who had come with their parents. This showed that the young generation cares for wildlife.

The creatures adopted included both common and rare ones. Among them were peacock, porcupine, fishing cat (State animal of Bengal and a rare animal), deer, giraffe, jaguar, macaw, mouse deer and others. The adopters were handed out certificates of recognition.

The scheme is not over. According to zoo authorities, there are still creatures which can be adopted and they are waiting eagerly for more takers.

Source: Bartaman