Universities in Bengal

West Bengal is located in the eastern part of India. The state offers a lot of centers for higher education. This legacy-rich state is home to eighteen universities. Universities in West Bengal offer under graduate, Post graduate, Doctoral, Certificate and Diploma programs. Some universities offer adult continuing education and apart from regular program some universities offers organize consultancy as well as trainings. Universities in West Bengal deliver traditional and distance learning programs. Open universities are also available in this state.

The universities in West Bengal are responsible for maintaining a well-organized and standard higher education scenario in the state. The higher education system of west Bengal is admired throughout the nation by the intellectual people and so they send their children here to obtain quality higher education with up to date knowledge.

The universities in West Bengal have the most crucial role to play behind such well reputation in the scenario of higher studies.

Being one of the most important educational hubs of India, West Bengal houses a number of universities, which cover almost all disciplines of academics.

These universities in West Bengal concentrate not only over providing high standard theoretical knowledge, but also provide students with all necessary kind of infrastructural facilities, so that they can apply their acquired knowledge in professional arena. The main city of West Bengal, Kolkata, also a metropolitan is home to several universities, but there are also other universities spread throughout the state.