20 Feb 2015

Rising Bardhaman Witi

Bardhaman has emerged as number one in the country in providing 100-Day’s work under the MGNREGA, as per the Union Rural Development Ministry.

20 Jan 2015 Issue

Trinamool condemns the politics of Hate & Violance

Secular parties fight politically. But the Op-position is getting in-dulged in dirty politics and offensive acts for tarnishing the political atmosphere of Bengal. No communal politics: TMC

20 Dec 2014 Issue

Development Speaks

Trinamool Supremo alerts all that Trinamool is the main Opposition party in Delhi. BJP must keep their mind-books updated that Trinamool is the biggest opposition. Wise Principles of Trinamool as the Opposition in Delhi are strong enough to decline the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Government.