Lok Sabha

February 2, 2022

Saugata Roy speaks during the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address

Saugata Roy speaks during the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address


Sir, I rise to speak on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address and I oppose the Motion of Thanks and support all the amendments which have been brought in the Motion of Thanks. Unfortunately, all the Members of All India Trinamool Congress are away in Kolkata for our chairperson’s election today. Only our colleague Mahua Moitra, who will speak tomorrow, is here. It does not matter. I speak with the courage of conviction and what I want to say is that this government has given a series of what it has done. But it is the same thing, Aayushman Bharat, PM Garib Kalyan Yojana, PM Awaas Yojna, Jal Jeevan, PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, SHG, Ujjwala Yojana in which they gave free cylinders which have run out, GST, Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti – Master Plan, ordnance factories, etc.

There was nothing new unfortunately in the President’s speech. There are many things which have not been mentioned in the President’s speech, which I want to mention. Why was Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate extinguished? Was it because it was started by Indira Gandhi? Mr Modi wants to delete history. Why was West Bengal’s Netaji tableau on the Republic Day parade cancelled? We had the same Netaji tableau in Kolkata. Why was it rejected in Delhi?

Sir, the Prime Minister said that he would set up a granite statue of Netaji at India Gate, but as a temporary measure he set up a hologram. That hologram has vanished from India Gate and with that, BJP’s love for Netaji has vanished. Because Netaji and BJP can never be together. What did Gandhi say about Netaji? Exactly a week before his assassination on January 30, Gandhi had happily taken note of Subhas’s birthday. In his final eulogy to the departed leader, the Mahatma pointed out that Subhash knew no provincialism nor communal differences. This is where Netaji was different from BJP. And had, in his brave army, drawn men and women from all over India without distinction and evoked an affectionate loyalty which very few have been able to evoke. Gandhi ji was asked by a lawyer for a good definition of Hinduism, to which he simply replied that Hinduism regarded all religions as worthy of all respect. Netaji, the Mahatma believed, was such a Hindu and therefore in memory of that great patriot he called upon Indians to clean their hearts of all communal bitterness. That is why BJP, which has communal bitterness in its heart, has no right to respect, to honour Netaji. 

Sir, what did Jawaharlal Nehru say when he was raising the flag at Lal Kila on August 15, 1947? He said that on this day we must remember all those who have made sacrifices and suffered for the cause of independence. It is needless for me to name all of them but I cannot help but mention Subhas Chandra Bose who left this country and formed the Indian National Army abroad, and fought bravely for the freedom of the country. He hoisted the flag in foreign countries, and when the day came for hoisting it on Red Fort, he was not there to see his dream fulfilled. This is what Jawaharlal said about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. You have no respect. Nishikant, you are a pakka racist man, you keep quiet. You have no right to speak about Netaji. We come from Bengal, and Bengal has sacrificed the maximum for the freedom struggle.  

Bengal has sacrificed the maximum for the freedom struggle. You go to Cellular Jail in Andaman. Three-quarters of the jail’s detainees were Bengalis. Khudiram was one of the first martyrs who died on the gallows. And this Bengal the Prime Minister is insulting.

Sir, the Prime Minister is basically hitting out at two of the basic principles. One is secularism and the other is federalism. Just now Mr Balu was speaking about NEET. Why must he (the Prime Minister) impose a national eligibility test? Why can’t the states have their own medical admission tests? Thirty boys and girls have committed suicide in Tamil Nadu. The Prime Minister wants control over medical seats all overthe country. 

Recently the Central Government sent a circular that IAS officers, if they are asked to join on Central deputation, must do so. No permission of the State Government is needed. Is it not an assault on federalism itself? The government has destroyed it. And the worst example is that why has the Centre imposed Governors? If they want to reward the bogus RSS chaddiwalas, they can. But why are they putting Governors who are at loggerheads with the State Government? In Tamil Nadu they are complaining about one Governor who disrespects Ministers in Tamil Nadu. In Maharashtra, there is some Koshyari, he is disturbing the Maharashtra Government and in Bengal we have found a Governor who tweets every day. Under what article of the Constitution can the Governor tweet? (intervention by Chair) I am not mentioning a post, I am not naming anybody.

Sir, they are rewriting history. People from Kerala are here. The names of 387 Moplah martyrs were removed from the Dictionary of Martyrs of India’s Freedom Struggle, 1857 – 1947. How could they do this, this government? And what about hate speeches? Encouraged by the Prime Minister’s visit to Ram Mandir, the hate speechwalas at Haridwar, in a dharam sansad, said that we must kill the Muslims. What country are we living in? Secularism is under attack. And who was Kapil Mishra, a Delhi BJP leader who provoked riots? Sir, who was Anurag Thakur, a Member of the House, who said goli maaro, hamare khilaf CAA ke paksh mein jo hai usko goli maaro. He is still a Minister. Another Minister, his name is Ajay Mishra, his son mowed down (interruptions – Chair allows Point of Order). Sir, main House ka Rule janta hoon, main keval Anurag Thakur yeh House ka Member hai, maine bola woh bola tha goli maaro.

Ajay Mishra’s son mowed down four farmers. Achha thik hai. Accha Sir, main woh ek, he is Minister for Information and Broadcasting hai, woh, police unparliamentary hai? Haan, arre!? Can I use ‘buzdil’? Woh bola ki goli maar do. Sir, suniye na. Ab ek Minister of State hai, Home mein, uska ladka char farmer ko kuchal diya, woh abhi bhi ministry mein hain. Yeh koi Sarkar hain? President kyun nahin yeh sab baat bola? Kuch likh diya officer, bas. Yeh sab nahin bola. Yeh log J&K ke bare mein bola. Yeh House mein bola giya ki J&K ko hum sudharenge. Roz militant activity hota hai. Yeh Home Minister ko kya adhikar tha, to abrogate Article 370, and put Farooq Abdullah, Omar, Mufti—all members of this House—in jail? What have they achieved in Jammu and Kashmir? Increased he divide further. 

Sir, sabse bada question, is se aap bhi chintit honge. Aap jab Parliament mein ghuste hain, dekhenge charo taraf construction ho raha hai. Tata ka construction. Kya ho raha hai? Naya Parliament ban raha hai. Aur kya? Central Vista badal raha hai. Kitna kharcha? Bees hazar karor (Rs 20,000 crores. Yeh kisi ka baap ka paisa hain ki bees hazar karor rupiya aap kharcha karenge? Yeh COVID ka samay logon ke paas paisa nahyi hain, logon ke paas vaccine nahin hain. Yeh Modi ka Taj Mahal ban raha hai. Sir, woh to Parliament nahi hain. Hum iske khilaaf hai. Yeh Central Vista ka hum pura khilaaf hain. It is a wastage of money. Yeh nahin hona chahiye. Kyun Parliament hoyuse rehte huye bhi naya building ban raha hain? Rupiya kis a hain? Desh mein abhav nahin hain ki naya Taj Mahal banega kisi ka khayal se? Yeh loktantra hai, hum log bolenge, jab tak gale se khoon nahi niklega, hum bolte jayenge iske khilaf. 

Sir, aur yeh, aap ne dekha hoga ki main Supriya ji ke saath gaya tha jab farmers log agitate kar rahe the. Khula aasmaan ke neeche farmer log ek saal andolan kiya. Uske baad darr ke maare—aur UP ka chunav bhi aa raha tha—Farm Laws withdraw kiya. Farmers ko jaan liya. Kyun President of India ek bhi baat nahi bola iske baare mein? Yeh log kya desh ke santan nahi hain? Lekin yeh log kiya kya yeh aap ko yaad hain, Sir.

Yeh Sarkar ‘Bechubabu’ ka Sarkar hai. Sab becho. Air India ko bech diya. Kaise becha? Sarkar 51,000 crore purana loan shodh kiya, phir TATA ji 18,000 karor deke utna bada Air India kharid liya. Yeh kiska sampatti hai? Yeh Sarkar itna din se banaya huya public sector ko bech rahe hain, ordnance factories ko corporatise kar rahe hai, roz main sunta hun LIC ko bech denge! Pandit Nehru nationalise kiye tha logon ke swarth mein, aur aap itna bara doctorate hoke iske khilaf awaaz nahi uthayenge, Sir? Aap chair mein baithe rahenge aur President bhi kuch nahin bolenge? Yeh aap log sochiye. 

Main aur do-chaar baatein kahunga, zyada nahi bolna hai, Mahua bolegi, mujhse accha bolti hai. Sir, yeh Nagaland mein chhe (6) aadmi mar gaya, Mon district me. Kaun goli chalaya? Central police. President kyun nahin thora dukh prakat kiya? TMC ke log jab Tripura jaate hain, un par roz attack hota hai, aur humare hamare Mujibur Rahman udhar mar giya BJP-ke gundao ke haat mein, kaun uska jawab dega?

Sir, President itna bhasan diya, isme fuel price ka koi mention nahin hain? Woh toh Ujjwala diya. Teen tho cylinder deke bola hum mahilaon ka sashaktikaran kiya. Abhi 900 rupiya se mahilaon ko gas cylinder kharidna par raha hain. Thoda mention nahin kiya roz jo petrol aur diesel ka bhao badhta hain uska bare me President ko kuch bolna nahin hain? Yeh aap sochiye, Sir.

Sir, hum log bar bar bole the, thoda yeh parijayi shramik jo hain, migratory labour, unko 10,000 rupiya karke dijiye, tab economy move kadega. Abhijit Binayak Banerjee, Nobel laureate, woh bola ki economy ko revive karna hai to cash support dena hain. Sarkar nahin sunenge. Bolta hain hum log small industry ko loan de rahe hain. Arre woh bhukha mar jayega toh small industry kaha rahega? Aur kitne log bhukha mare, yeh Sarkar, uska koi hisab nahi diya.

Sir, Pegasus ke baare me Rahul Gandhi bataye hain, yeh log bolega ki Supreme Court mein case hain, kuch nehi. Supreme Court ektho Committee banaye hain, uyo rai denge aur hum to roj House stall kar sakte hain, hum nehi kar rahe hain, debate hone de rahe hain, lekin mat sochiye ke hum utha nehi payenge, hum jab chayenge tab uthayenge. Loktantra jabtak hai, aaplog, Loktantra ka gala ghutne ka kaushis kar rahe hain, hum par spying kar rahe hain, hum iska khilaf awaaj uthayenge aur uthate rahenge.

Sir, is baar Padma Award diya, yeh speech mein bola hain. Hamare umar hain 90 saal ka, sabse bara artiste hain, naam hain Sandhya Mukherjee, usko Padma Shri diya? Padma Shri 20 saal ko koi larka ko diya jaiga, hamare jo Olympic mein sona jeeta, usko de sakte, aap 90 saal ko mahila ko deke usko aapmaan kar rahi hain? She went into Coma, she was so shocked. Yehi sarkaar ka kaam hain, kisiko jaanta nehi hain, bolta hain hum Padma Award de raha hain, hum bahut bara kaam kar hain.

Sir, yeh mera dost, bol raha tha, Hathraas mein kya hua? Ek larki ko baalatkar karke uska hatya kiya giya, aur uska baad jinda jaala diya giya. Yeh bol raha tha, Yogi-ja ka rajya mein bahut accha chal raha tha, kya, mahila jinda jalti hain, Jogiji ke raaj mein. Yeh naara phail raha hain, aur aap jante hain, Unnao mein kya hua? BJP ka vidhayak ek ladki ka balatkar kiya. Aur yeh bolte hain ke kanoon kaise thi?

Sir, log bare dukhi hain. Hamara Bangal mein ek kavi the, jo mar giya, woh ek kavita likha tha. ‘Manush boro ekla, tumi tahar pashe’ Shakti Chattopadhyay ne likha tha.

Manush boro ekla, tumi tahar pashe

Tumi tahar pashe dnarao, eshe dnarao, beshe dnarao, bhalobeshe dnarao

Manush boro knadche, tumi manusher pashe dnarao, 

Manush boro ekla, tumi tahar pashe eshe darao.

Hum aaj akela jo hain insaan, usko paas khada hain, hum eye migratory labour, berozgar naujawan, uske pas hum khada hona chahenge. Yeh log 303 ka baat kar sakte hain, kintu asal faisala janta karega. Desh ka janta janardan, jab chaha, barabar pala badal karke Sarkar ko takta palat diye hain. Mujhe vishwas hain, jaise yeh chala raha hain, pura hukumat haat jayega, pura palat jayega.