Lok Sabha

February 3, 2022

Saugata Roy asks Questions on delay in execution of award to Delhi Airport Metro Express Pvt Ltd (DAMEPL)

Saugata Roy asks Questions on delay in execution of award to Delhi Airport Metro Express Pvt Ltd (DAMEPL)


I am in a quandary regarding this question because it would not be my priority. Anyway, it has come. This relates to the handing over of Delhi Airport Metro to the Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Delhi Metro Company. Now, my quandary is this: On the one hand, I do not want any Anil Ambani-led company to be paid money from the exchequer because he was involved in Rafale, but on the other, the question is that the court has ordered that DMRC pay money to Anil Ambani’s company as per the arbitration order. Now, obviously,, there were major faults by the Delhi Metro authority—one is in drawing up the memorandum of understanding with the Anil Ambnai-led company … 

Sir, abhi sawal mein aa raha hoon, ek minute, ek second mein. I want to know from the Honourable Minister whether he has fixed responsibility for drawing up a faulty contract. There were safety issues, a large number of cracks were found on the line. Now, have you fixed responsibility for the same? For the faulty contract and the faulty construction? And what action have you taken against those responsible?

Supplementary Question
Sir, mera ekth chhota sa supplementary hai. Mantriji, Delhi High Court ke order se pada, lekin the matter went to Supreme Court. The Supreme Court upheld the arbitration order. Now, what is happening is that the DMR, which is a government entity, is having to pay Rs 1.75 crore daily as interest. 

Toh, mera sawal yeh tha, Sir, bahut simple .. aap meri baat suniye, Sir, sub judice nahin bola main, sir aap yeh samajhne ka koshish kijiye ki abhi tak jo order nikla hain, usika anusar …. mera baat suniye na, thoda dhiraj rakhiye, Sir, main aap ko samjhaunga, jo rules … 1.75 crore roz interest mein dena padega, aur arbitration ka jo award hai, usme bola, pandhra (15) se ekwavan (51) cracks tha construction mein. Teenso satsath (366) guarders mein. Mera sawal toh simple hain. Mera sawal yeh nahi hai ki Anil Ambani ko paisa milega ki nahi. Main toh nahin chahta hun usko kuch paisa mile, lekin mera sawal yeh hain ki kaun responsible tha yeh guarder mein defect ke liye? Mantriji, jaldi mat kariye. Kaun responsible tha yeh faulty MoU draft karne ke liye jiske karan Anil Ambani ka company ko yeh order mila?