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April 5, 2021

BJP is a devil in disguise: Mamata Banerjee

BJP is a devil in disguise: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee gave her third election campaign speech of the day in Uttarpara in Hooghly district.

Highlights of her speech:

I am indebted to the television artistes who have come to campaign for Kanchan here. They are determined to help him won the seat.

Konnagar is known for its culture and its people. The place also has a link to Mohun Bagan club. There is a well-known temple consecrated to Lord Shiva.

Those who have left the party, let them be. We have given a candidate who would serve the cause of the people.

The freight corridor connecting Dankuni to the rest of the country, which I had sanctioned while I was the railway minister, would become operational soon.

The BJP is intent on privatising the railways, SAIL, insurance companies and many other PSUs.

Elect such a person who would not compromise with the BJP. Appoint Kanyashree beneficiaries and members of the Banga Janani civilian force as election agents.

I have seen for myself in Nandigram how they try to scare people. If EVMs malfunction, wait for them to be repaired. Guard them after the elections till the day of counting.

I won’t let them make Bengal into a Gujarat, which they are saying they would do.

We would give foodgrains for free, even to your doorsteps; Rs 500 each to the women heads of families; Rs 1,000 to widows; Rs 10,000 per year to farmers, up from Rs 5,000, and Rs 5,000 for small farmers; bicycles for high school students and now, Rs 10,000 to buy tabs for online studies; student credit card with credit of Rs 10 lakh; Rs 5 lakh per year under Swasthya Sathi Scheme.

Defeat the BJP, win the game. Don’t fall into its traps. Be communally united.

The BJP is a devil in disguise.

I will never let Bengal get divided. I will never ley traitors and turncoats govern my beloved Bengal.