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August 9, 2023

BJP, quit India: Mamata Banerjee

BJP, quit India: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee spoke at a public meeting in Jhargram today. Here are the highlights of her speech:

Taking my oath on the Quit India Movement, I am asking the BJP today to quit Delhi. BJP, quit India. You have no right to remain on the throne of Delhi. From Uttar Pradesh to Madhya Pradesh to so many other states, look at the atrocities happening. Manipur has been burning for four months. They think that by creating communal strife, they can divide the nation.

Food, clothing and shelter, nothing is important to them. To them, only vote matters.

The prime minister does not convert even one bit of what he babbles into action. They would once again announce free ration before the elections. Why not now? Hordes of migrant workers from Bengal are returning to the state from Delhi and Haryana. The people of Bengal would no longer tolerate deprivation, insult and exploitation.

Midnapore has birthed so many movements. Let the fight against the BJP too start from here.

Though some do, we never talk ill about the language a person speaks in. People have even urinated on the faces of Adivasis and Dalits in BJP-ruled states.

They have forgotten Gandhi ji and Netaji. They have started talking about the uniform civil code. But they can’t force their decisions on people. I will never accept a uniform civil code.

Nobody can be forced to accept something. Students will be able to select their own language, for which the three-language formula has been introduced. One’s mother tongue will be their first language. The Santhals had a specific demand, to satisfy which a dedicated branch has been set up within the school board. An English-medium school will be set up in every block of Jhargram.

Government-owned BEd colleges have been set up. Eight hundred forty-four teacher posts have been filled up. More work needs to be done.

Sadly, the Union government has stopped funding of the 100 Days’ Work scheme, the rural housing scheme and the pension for the poor. Yet it ensures collection of GST from here without fail. We have built roads with our own money. We are protesting against the deprivation we are suffering at the hands of the government at the centre. We demand their relinquishing of power. They have no right to continue.