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June 27, 2023

BJP will last for only six more months: Mamata Banerjee

BJP will last for only six more months: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee gave a speech today at a Panchayat election rally in Kranti in Jalpaiguri district.

Highlights of her speech:

Using the tax GST, the Centre is taking away our money but not giving back any of it. It is not giving funds for 100 Days’ Work. We have to provide for scholarships with whatever little we have. I want to ask the government, how much have you paid America and Russia?

The money you have not got, I promise to bring it, even if I have to snatch from them. Prices have risen so high, be it tomatoes at Rs 120 per kg or gas cylinders at Rs 1,200. Cylinders were priced at Rs 400 before the BJP came to power.

Want to ask the BJP, you may be giving free rice, but how will people cook it when gas cylinder prices have skyrocketed to Rs 1,200? Do we have go out collecting firewood now? How can you be so shameless?

They will bring in a lot of people from other places. Don’t let those people enter. Each of you, be alert about protecting your own territories.

BJP will last for only six more months. They will govern at the Centre for only six more months.

All of you work together. If you see any leader not doing their proper work, tell me directly. I will look into the matter personally.