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December 28, 2023

In Bengal, only Trinamool can teach BJP a lesson: Mamata Banerjee

In Bengal, only Trinamool can teach BJP a lesson: Mamata Banerjee

Today, Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee addressed a party workers’ meeting in Chakla in North 24 Parganas.

Highlights of her speech:

The INDIA alliance will be in power across the country. In Bengal, Trinamool Congress will lead the fight, because it is the only party here which can teach BJP a lesson. It can show the way forward to the whole country.

They are talking a lot about citizenship. But let me emphasise, all of you are already citizens. Else, how do you get ration? How did you get PAN cards?

Bengal has become the destination of choice for the whole country. In this district, too, the government has done a lot of work. Rs 90 crore has been spent to build the Dakshineswar Skywalk. A skywalk is being built to the Kalighat Temple. Our government has done a lot of work for the Matua community in this district.

Blood is life, it does not make any distinction between religions. Religion equates to humanism, to love, not divisiveness. It cannot be that you exploit the people of the country using religion before elections.

The Gangasagar Fair will start in a few days. Earlier, there were no places to stay for the pilgrims; look at the changes today.

If outsiders come before the elections, offering money, do not refuse. But please do not vote for the CPI(M) or the BJP. Do not pay heed to anyone trying to stir the communal pot. These people are being funded by the BJP. A group of people have appeared out of nowhere, going around trying to cut a dent into the Trinamool vote bank in the guise of organising religious gatherings.

My minority friends, be careful. Your lives are secure here. We have also ensured your financial security. If you listen to people who are trying to fool you, after talking money from the BJP, you will fall into trouble. You have the responsibility of ensuring Bengal remains with Trinamool. If we get less seats, the BJP’s harassment will only increase.

Who is the BJP to try to become your guardians just before the elections? It has exploited you a lot using CAA and NRC. I request all of you, please do not misunderstand us. As long as we are in power, we will constantly guard you against people trying to harm you. I keep an eye in every direction.

The senior leaders of the party should be given their due respect. I have always emphasised this. The old have a lot of wisdom. We need both the young and the old, both men and women.