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August 12, 2023

No dirty game of terror would be allowed: Mamata Banerjee

No dirty game of terror would be allowed: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave an audio message today.

Highlights of that message:

He is saying whatever he wants about Team INDIA without any proof. He wants the poor to die, wants the country to die. Let the people be in despair, only BJP should prosper. But he is not being able to convince the people about his ideology.

At least you cannot talk about corruption because you yourself are involved in shady affairs like the PM-CARES fund, Rafale deal, selling off armaments factories and disinvesting from public sector companies.

Certain currency notes were banned in the name of demonetisation. Later, you demonetised Rs 2000 notes to help yourself and your party. Don’t think that the people will be fooled every time. You can fool them a few times, but you can’t keep fooling them.

Charity begins at home. Look at yourself first. You don’t take action against corrupt people in your party. You don’t take action against those who disrespect women, who disrespect wrestlers, who are causing hatred in Manipur, and others. Your people have killed 16-17 people in Bengal but you are giving them political support.

Your intention is to cause communal strife in Bengal, like in Manipur. Your intention is to break up Darjeeling. But we won’t let these fires be lit. I may even have to light my own funeral pyre. But no dirty game of terror would be allowed.

A parallel government is being run with the help of governors. When there is a democratically-elected government, what need is there for a governor? Replacing vice-chancellors has become the main job of this governor—replacing them with BJP- and RSS-affiliated people. Is this his work? Let governors be made redundant. Governors were needed during the British rule, but no longer.

They want to implement a uniform civil code (UCC). We stopped NRC and CAA from being implemented, likewise we will stop UCC.

They know there are many sub-castes not only among Hindus but also Muslims and Christians. But they don’t discuss anything. You are depriving and exploiting Bengal. To appease your party’s leaders, you are stopping the funding of projects in the state. Rs 1.90 lakh of our dues are blocked.