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April 17, 2023

I am demanding the resignation of the home minister in a democratic manner: Mamata Banerjee

I am demanding the resignation of the home minister in a democratic manner: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee addressed a press meet at Nabanna today. Highlights of her comments:

How can the BJP talk of overthrowing our government on getting 35 seats? It is crossing constitutional boundaries. Under which can an elected government be removed? Or is the Constitution going to be changed?

Instead of looking after the country’s security, the home minister is scheming to overthrow an elected government. I demand his resignation in a democratic manner.

We do not generally talk about internal matters in international fora. Yet, when I visit another country, they hire people to show up with posters saying ‘Mamata Banerjee go back’. And I am supposedly aiding in mass murders. Is it ok to for you say certain things but not for me? I will of course raise issues outside the country that need to be raised. I have the right to speak.

At the drop of a coin, the government sends teams from Central agencies to Bengal. I had not spoken about something since it was a matter of internal security. But the truth will come out someday. Look at what the former governor of Jammu and Kashmir said about intelligence lapses that led to Pulwama.

I have confidence in our Supreme Court. There have been lapses at the highest level, and so, a judicial inquiry is a must.

Whenever elections come, the BJP tries to polarise voters and create communal trouble. They make the media spread lies. Before an investigation is even over, you are spreading the word through the media about so much money recovered from such a person.

Many BJP leaders are saying that after the 2024 elections, Bengal would not be given any funds. Getting funding is our fundamental right, our constitutional right.

We already know about the strategy decided upon at Amit Shah’s meeting. The BJP will create communal tension, inter-caste tension and many other things, all with the help of Central agencies. I have heard a big team has come from the Centre. It is waiting here. We too have information.