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May 5, 2021

Combating COVID-19 is our first priority, says Bengal chief minister

Combating COVID-19 is our first priority, says Bengal chief minister

Immediately after taking oath as the chief minister of Bengal for the third consecutive term, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took some important steps, which she delineated at a press conference at the state secretariat Nabanna today.

Highlights of her press conference:

Our first priority is to combat COVID-19. After detailed discussions, I have sent a letter to the prime minister.

There are 27,000 hospitals beds in the state, which would increase by 3,000 withing the next week for a total of 30,000. There 3,500 ICU beds.

Every day, two lakh vaccine doses are being given. We asked for three crore doses, but 1.5 lakh. We are prioritising double dose (that is, full vaccination)

Reporters, transport sector workers and hawkers would be given priority in giving vaccines.

In the districts, the help of 2.75 lakh quack doctors are being taken to control the pandemic situation.

Oxygen from the state is being diverted to other states. That is why, the state asking industrial oxygen manufacturers to manufacture medical oxygen.

Decisions are being take keeping in mind the general good.

Wear a mask always, maintain physical distance, wash hands, use sanitisers.

I am allowing 50 per cent attendance n government offices. In private offices, 50 per cent workers have to work from home.

Till further instructions, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, gyms and sports academies will remain closed.

No congregations containing more than 50 people will be allowed. Even for 50 people, permission needs to be taken. All political gatherings are banned for now.

Markets would remain open from 7-10 am and 5-7 pm.

As of now, all local trains would remain suspended. All state transport corporation buses and the metro railways would run with 50 per cent passenger capacity.

Those arriving by flights must carry negative COVID-19 test certificates. For those who have to come in an emergency and therefore do not have negative test certificates, a 14-day quarantine is a must.

Banks will remain open from 10 am to 2 pm.

We had to spent Rs 45 crore to buy medicines. The Union government’s oxygen and vaccine policies are not transparent. Some states are getting supplies, others are not.

Jewellery shops will remain open from 12-3 pm.

Home delivery and essential supply shops can remain open the whole day.

The area covered by the Sufal Bangla mobile vans will be increased. Online orders from Sufal Bangla will be accepted.

COVID warrior clubs are being set up in every district.

There are 20 plasma banks in Bengal now. The number will be increased.

Sanitisation is compulsory at all places.