Lok Sabha

August 9, 2018

Ratna De Nag makes a Zero Hour mention about Adivasi Dibas

Ratna De Nag makes a Zero Hour mention about Adivasi Dibas


Sir, today we are celebrating Adivasi Day. Tribals are the protectors of our environment. Today we are also celebrating the International Day of indigenous people. Their contribution should be respected.

In Bangla, CM Mamata Banerjee has ensured all round development and protection of the tribal people. In Bangla too we are celebrating this day as Adivasi Day; she has felicitated Veer Baha Hansda, a tribal lady for her contribution to the tribal culture. West Bengal Tribal Development Council is doing great service for the welfare and development of tribals in the State. It is just one of the initiatives for the tribals by the Bangla Government.

I wish that tribals are brought to the mainstream without losing their identity, customs and languages. Only then would the tribals feel at home and contribute to the growth and development of our country. We cannot afford to isolate tribals. They should be taken along as we grow. Their interest and requirement should be given proper attention and their needs have to be attended to.

Tribal population, as per 2011 census is about eight per cent of our total population. They should be given respect and they should be allowed to stay which they inhabited for centuries. They should be provided all amenities to live a life of honour and respect.

Thank you, Sir.