Lok Sabha

August 1, 2018

Kalyan Banerjee asks a question on pending cases in High Courts

Kalyan Banerjee asks a question on pending cases in High Courts


The hon Law Minister and the hon Minister of State for Law, both have practical experience with the matters. The resolution which had been taken, which is the most important part, that all the High Courts shall assign topmost priority for cases which are pending for five years, this has not been given effect. All matters today are pending, writ matters for 10 years, criminal appeals for 8 to 10 years, almost taking up the conviction times. Ultimately when acquittal is there they are languishing for 13-14 years in jail custody. You have created commercial courts which is a good step, which I must appreciate, but, incidentally the judges who are taking up the criminal matters, they are also taking up the commercial court matters. Unless proper posts are created no benefit will come.

Therefore, through you Madam, I have a question or request whatever it is called, will the Central Government kindly ask all the High Courts, in terms of resolution, how many cases have been disposed off and how many cases going on for more than 5 years and pending before all the High Courts, including appeals in the district courts? Of the decisions which have been taken, how many such decisions have been implemented? And beyond that how many cases are pending?