Lok Sabha

July 30, 2018

Ratna De Nag speaks on The Homeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill, 2018

Ratna De Nag speaks on The Homeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill, 2018


As the House is aware, the Homeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 was promulgated on May 18, 2018. This was aimed at amending the Homeopathy Central Council Act, 1973.

Sir, what is the urgency of promulgating the Ordinance on this very important aspect? To be precise, it ensures, supercession of the Homeopathy Central Council from 2018. The government’s aim was to reconstitute the Central Council within one year from the date of it’s supercession. What is the necessity of rushing through this important piece of Legislation through Ordinance?

Sir, is it not disregarding the Parliamentary process of ensuring accountability and not giving importance to the normal process of legislation? The primary job of Parliament is not only to frame laws for the administration of the country but also to ensure the accountability of the Government.

Sir, what is the necessity of the supercession of the Homeopathy Central Council in a hurry? Is any of the experts are gone in the whole aspect of giving effect to it’s supercession from the date? Why one-year period is required to constitute the Central Council from the date of its supercession?

It is stated, with regards to the policy decisions the Government’s directions will be final. Sir, when we are reconstituting the Board of Governors and allowing it to usurp the powers of Homeopathy Central Council, then why should the Government interfere and state that with regard to policy decisions Government’s directions will be final? Why not leave this exercise, to reconstitute the Board of Governors, to an expert body who will select the people from the field with experience and expertise. This would go a long way for furthering the contribution of the Homeopathy Council.

Sir, though I’m a doctor in allopathic medicine but I love homeopathy. Often I used to go to homeopathy doctors to get some medicine for my relief. But, homeopathy is being considered as an alternative for allopathic medicine, because the cost is very cheap. So, it needs to be given all assistance. But over the past decade or so homeopathy has not been not been given its due.

I would like to know from the Hon Minister, how much funds have been allocated to this department. Sir, those persons who have established homeopathic medical college, started new courses, increased seats before the promulgation of the Ordinance are required to seek permission from the Government, and if they fail to follow this, the students who acquired medical qualification through such colleges will not be recognised. It needs to be amended, Sir, to make it friendly to the fraternity of homeopathy. I hope the hon Minister will make it clear and help those persons.

Sir, we have an Institute of Homeopathy in our National Institute of Homeopathy in Kolkata, West Bengal. It was established way back in 1975. It started as an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Government of India. At present, it is under the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. It was first affiliated to the University of Calcutta up to session 2003-2004. Presently from 2004-2005, it has been affiliated to the West Bengal University of Health Sciences. It conducts courses like the Bachelor’s Degree of Homeopathy, Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery since 1981 and post graduate courses, Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy since 1990.

Sir, West Bengal is regarded as the Mecca of Homeopathy. Now time has come to upgrade these institutes into central universities of homeopathy and declare this as an Institute of Eminence. Sir, I would l like to request the hon Minister to provide funds generously to upgrade these institutes.

We often find an acute shortage of homeopathic doctors in hospitals. Regular recruitment of doctors is required. Promotion of the homeopathic doctors gives filip to the aspirants to pick up homeopathy.

Lastly, I would like to suggest to the hon Minister that while taking up the reconstitution of the Board of Governors, experts and eminent doctors from Kolkata, West Bengal – particularly National Institute of Homeopathy and different Homeopathy medical colleges in Kolkata – be consulted, so that the government and the country can reap rich dividends. This would help in the growth and development of the country, thus helping the needy and poor, those who pose faith in homeopathy, which is an alternative medicine and has caught the imagination of the world in the last three or four decades.

With these words I conclude, Sir. Thank you.