Chairperson Speaks

March 20 2019
রঙের উৎসব দোলের আগের দিন ন্যাড়া পোড়ানো (অনেকে বলেন বুড়ির ঘর পোড়ানো) বাংলার এক অতি প্রাচীন রীতি। এই পবিত্র আগুনে নাশ হোক অন্যায়ের, অশুভ শক্তির, এই কামনা করি। on social media, 20.03.2019
March 16 2019
Today is Measles Immunisation Day. Worldwide, measles is a major cause of death among young children. We must raise more awareness about this deadly disease and work towards its eradication. In #Bangla, complete immunisation of children has increased from 80% to 94% Fondly remembering RajshekharBasu, popularly known by his pen name ‘Parashuram’, writer and lexicographer, on his birth anniversary   on social media, 16.03.2019
March 14 2019
On this day, in 2007, innocent villagers were killed in firing at Nandigram. Many bodies could not be found. It was a dark chapter in the history of the State. Heartfelt tribute to all those who lost their lives In memory of those who lost their lives in #Nandigram, we observe March 14 as #KrishakDibas every year and give away the #KrishakRatna awards. Farmers are our pride and our government is working for their all-round development on social media, 14.03.2019
March 13 2019
Homage to ‘Palli Kabi’ Jasimuddin and Ustad Vilayat Khan, sitar maestro, on their death anniversaries প্রখ্যাত কার্টুনিস্ট চন্ডী লাহিড়ীর জন্মবার্ষিকীতে জানাই প্রণাম on Social Media, 13.03.2019
March 12 2019
Gandhi ji began the Salt Satyagraha through the Dandi March on this day in 1930. Solemn tribute to the freedom fighters who took part in this historic march Fondly remembering Utpala Sen, popular playback singer of the 1950s, on her birth anniversary Solemnly remembering Samaresh Basu, writer and Sahitya Akademi winner, Kshitimohan Sen, scholar and writer, and Ganesh Pyne, famous artist, on their death anniversaries on Social Media, 12.03.2019
March 11 2019
দ্বিজেন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের জন্মবার্ষিকীতে জানাই অন্তরের শ্রদ্ধা on Twitter, 11.03.2019
March 10 2019
Wishing Samaresh Majumdar, prolific writer and Sahitya Akademi winner, a very happy birthday বিশিষ্ট লেখক সমরেশ মজুমদারের জন্মদিনে জানাই শুভেচ্ছা   on Twitter, 10.03.2019
March 9 2019
The Calcutta High Court Circuit Bench at Jalpaiguri begins its long-awaited historic journey. I was present in the operationalisation of the Circuit Bench at Jalpaiguri today.   on social media, 09.03.2019
March 8 2019
Joto mot, toto poth… Humble pronam to Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, spiritual leader, on his birth anniversary (janma tithi) যত মত, তত পথ… ঠাকুর শ্রী রামকৃষ্ণ পরমহংসের জন্মতিথিতে জানাই অন্তরের শ্রদ্ধা ও প্রণাম   on Twitter, 08.03.2019
March 7 2019
Fondly remembering Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya, exponent of folk music, on his death anniversary. We lost him too soon আজ কালিকাপ্রসাদ ভট্টাচার্য-র মৃত্যুবার্ষিকী। বাংলা লোকসঙ্গীতকে জীবনকালে সমৃদ্ধ করেছিলেন কালিকাপ্রসাদ। ওনার আকস্মিক প্রয়াণে সঙ্গীত জগতের অপূরণীয় ক্ষতি হয়েছে   on Twitter, 07.03.2019    
March 5 2019
Homage to Subroto Mukherjee, first Indian Chief of the Air Staff of the Indian Air Force, on his birth anniversary Fondly remembering Dibyendu Palit, renowned Bengali writer, and Gangubai Hangal, classical vocalist, on their birth anniversaries on Twitter, 05.03.2019  
March 4 2019
সকলকে জানাই মহা শিবরাত্রির শুভেচ্ছা 48th National Safety Week begins today. In #Bangla, our #SafeDriveSaveLife campaign has been effective and successful in reducing the number of road accidents in #Kolkata by 12% in 2018, and by 14% in other areas of the State, compared to 2017 on Twitter, 04.03.2019
March 3 2019
Forests and wildlife are our assets. Conservation of this spectacular bio-diversity is our responsibility. Our Government in #Bangla has been committed to protection of wildlife and conservation of forests over the last seven years. #WorldWildlifeDay   on Twitter, 03.03.2019
March 2 2019
“We want deeper sincerity of motive, a greater courage in speech and earnestness in action." Homage to Sarojini Naidu, the great freedom fighter and poet, on her death anniversary   on Twitter, 02.03.2018
March 1 2019
Wishing @mkstalin Ji a very happy birthday. Wish you good health and happiness Tribute to Swami Dayanand Saraswati, founder of Arya Samaj, on his birth anniversary on Twitter, 01.03.2018