Derek O’Brien speaks during discussion on working of Ministry of Women & Child Development | Transcript

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Sir, I would like to make one comment and three questions.

Sir, this department is called the Women and Child Development but looking at the treasury benches, now I have realised why the Minister very graciously informed us that she was ready with her reply in August and but could not make it till March. Sir, I am only making an observation that the the department for women and child has become the department for woman and child as there is not a single woman – other than the Minister – in the treasury benches. This is an attitude issue.

Sir, I have three pointed questions.

One of the schemes which the Government has rolled out is the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. A test is being done in about 100 districts. This is my understanding. Now the Finance Minister in his Budget has allocated Rs 100 crore for this programme this year. My question to the Minister is – would you consider a programme called Kanyashree – approved by the UN, running for the last one and a half years. It was rolled out and the pilot phase is over. This is a award winning programme. This year the State Government of West Bengal has allocated Rs 900 crore. For one programme. Not Rs 100 crore. It is a successful programme. Let’s not get into competitive federalism in a negative way. Would you consider looking at Bengal’s Kanyashree, running successfully for the last three one and a half years and adopt the model?

My second question is to do with scalability. We heard the examples you gave us, so scalability is the issue. The idea with the Railways Minister is good as it has to with adoption. The third idea is to do with inappropriate touch; spreading it in the schools. For these ideas what specific plans do you have for scalability? That is the challenge.

I am saying, if there are 20 railway stations, then what is the plan to make it 200? If it is 89 children – very good – how do you make it 89000? That is scalability. Testing has been done, what is the idea for scalability?

The Minister wanted an idea and I am giving her an example for Vishaka Guidelines. How do you spread the message through corporates? FICCI, ASSOCHAM and all the industrial bodies are doing very good work, get them involved. They can help you to spread this message.

Derek O’Brien speaks during Zero Hour on the situation in Jammu & Kashmir | Transcript

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The security of the Nation has been compromised.

Why it is being compromised we want to know, because it is pretty obvious that the selfish convenience of politics has won over conviction. There was no conviction in that alliance, and now the BJP and the Government have to come clear on this.

The Prime Minister needs to come and explain to us that this is not just being a part of government. It is not just the PDP and the BJP being part of the government.

My country’s security has been compromised.

Please answer why?