Break down the walls that are trying to crush your dreams: Didi to students

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed students at Dharmatala in Kolkata on the occasion of the foundation day of Trinamool Chhatra Parishad (TMCP), the students’ wing of Trinamool Congress.

She gave a rousing speech, asking the students to break down all the walls that are trying to crush your dreams. She asked them to never bow their head to the atrocities and fear tactics of the BJP.

Mamata Banerjee also announced a two-day-long interactive session with students leaders of the TMCP from across all the districts on November 14 and 15. Through the interactive sessions, she said, she would select the next level leadership of the party.

Highlights of her speech:

Bangla is the land of the strong, the land of culture,the land of history. Bangla will show the way to the future

We never bow our heads in defeat, we never give up

Some people are trying to scare us, people who are new in the political field. They don’t know what fighting political fights really means. It is we who have fought our way to reach where we are today

Trinamool Congress has achieved what it has after a lot of struggle

The BJP has bought off the country. On the one hand, they have taken over all the media channels, all the newspapers. That’s why there is only the BJP’s news that you read about and only their leaders that you see

And on the other hand, they are continuously sending advisories to us. The word ‘advisory’ has become their favourite word

People in the country cannot speak up anymore. The duty of students is to speak up, to protest against the wrongs

Partha Chatterjee will tell you when the student union elections will be held

The BJP is using religion to create an atmosphere of fear and hate in the country

Look at the country’s state of economy. The government has brought together a group of retired people – bureaucrats and others – and it is they who have advised the RBI to give away its emergency reserves to the Centre. This is deplorable

Also look at Kashmir. They have shut off the media. They have shut everybody off using the power of the gun

The CPI(M) had come out on the streets of Kolkata once protesting against the war in Vietnam, shouting the slogan, ‘Amar naam tomar naam Vietnam’. And now they have come together with the BJP. They are scared of the BJP

The BJP is scaring our ministers, other ex-ministers and politicians using Central agencies

They are asking the Election Commission (EC) to send letters to political parties saying there is discrepancy in the latter’s accounts

The country is moving towards a presidential form of government – one election, one party, one emergency. There is an emergency situation

Our freedom fighters fought against British for their atrocities. Now the time has come to fight once again.

The BJP is indulging in horse trading; they are buying off politicians

The BJP is after Bangla because we are putting up resistance against them. I am ready to go to jail but will not give in to the BJP’s demands

There is a tough fight going on, and more is to come. I exhort you all, the students, to fight for two more years, and then Bangla will fight for you for the next 50 years

Regarding Kashmir, we never said that you cannot take a decision, but should have taken it after consultation with everybody. You have forced the decision on Kashmir on everyone.

You learnt about Goddess Durga from us, and now you are using the issue of worshipping Durga against us. We worship all gods and goddesses. You worship the evil Ravana

You try to decide who will eat what and who will wear what

IAS officers are leaving their jobs because of the way the BJP is running the country

After independence, Mahatma Gandhi sat in protest in Beleghata. Vidyasagar, who fought for the remarriage of widows and who wrote books to teach us our language, was from Bangla

This year is Mahatma Gandhi’150th birth anniversary, Vidyasagar’s 200th birth anniversary and the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre’s 100th anniversary

I will request Partha Chatterjee to organise celebrations of these anniversaries in colleges across the State

We should never forget history. The BJP is trying to change history

Our forebears fought for freedom. The people who ultimately went on to form the BJP and who influenced many to join the latter, on the other hand, supported the British, and not the freedom fighters

On Nov 14 and 15, we will organise interactive sessions with all the Trinamool Chhatra Parishad units from all colleges and universities, interactive sessions with college and university teachers too

Student leaders of the future will come out of those sessions. I will select people who have the potential to stand up strongly to the BJP. I will create the next level of leadership from among those students across the districts

I want people who will wholeheartedly work with me. I want a list of such people, and I will work with them

The leadership I will create will scare the BJP, with their evil intentions, to keep away from Bangla for the next 50 years

From 12 universities in 2011 we have set up 38 universities. We have set up 50 colleges. We give scholarships to all female students through the Kanyashree Scheme and to everyone else through the Swami Vivekananda Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme. Through the Sikshashree Scheme, we give scholarships to students belonging to SC and ST communities

Unemployment in the country is at a 45-year high, while we in Bangla have decreased unemployment by 40 per cent

We still give pension to State Government employees, something which others have stopped giving; and this despite the huge debt we have

For the last 13 days, we are leading a hunger strike against the Centre’s decision to divest from 42 PSUs, which will lead to large-scale employment. I request all of you to go meet the protesters after this rally gets over to give them encouragement and the strength to carry on with their struggle

We are beside all workers of all PSUs, here and elsewhere

The BJP Government does not even want us to change the name of our State. They can’t tolerate even the name of our State. Actually they can’t tolerate our intelligence, our ability to stand up against their atrocities

They are trying to crush our bones, crush our strengths. But they won’t succeed

This is political vendetta. The BJP is demanding cut money in exchange for giving houses through their schemes

You are concerned about the prices of diamonds, and not potatoes because you are not concerned about the poor of the country,

Where did you get so much money that you spent during the general elections?

The Centre spent so much money on the election yet is not able to give rations for the poor

I will create a core group for organising the November 14 and 15 interactions..

You should be proud of Bangla. Always remember, this is the land of your dreams, the land of your purposes

Break down all the walls that are trying to crush your dreams. Sing the song of life, sing the song of victory


Trinamool forms seven-member committee for poll-related logistics

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee handed over the reins of all key pre-poll logistics to a collective team, which will steer the party towards the 2016 assembly elections. Trinamool Congress will have a seven-member committee to do it.

The Trinamool Congress Chairperson announced that all poll-related logistics will now be supervised by Yrinamool All India General Secretary Subrata Bakshi, Secretary-general Partha Chatterjee, senior leaders Subhendu Adhikari , Aroop Biswas and Firhad Hakim, South 24 Parganas District head Sovan Chatterjee Sovan Chatterjee and Trinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee.

The party All India General Secretary said, “According to the EC directive, registration of new voters and deletion inclusion of new voters will take place within this three-month window in September-December. It is imperative that the work starts at the Block level. The various forms have been provided for additions, deletion of names and change of addresses. For any bulk deletion or anomalies of voters it should be immediately brought to our notice. We will take it up with EC.” he explained the rationale, “It to be seen that not a single person who had voted for Mamata Banerjee – and Trinamool Congress — is omitted out of the final rolls.”

Trinamool South 24 Parganas District head Sovan Chatterjee said, “The Chairperson had pointed out to me several times in the run-up to the KMC polls of mass deletion of voters. We too came across several people who said they had to return from the polling booth after their names got deleted from the electoral rolls. This can’t be allowed. If the problems are pointed out to us in time, we will fight out the cases with the EC. But once the deadline is over, nothing can be done. So the exercise has to be down with due diligence.”

The meeting at Nazrul Mancha was attended by MPs, MLAs, Ministers, zilla sabhadhipatis and block and district presidents.

We have to work together as a family: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee today addressed a meeting of elected representatives of the party including MPs, MLAs, Ministers, Zilla Sabhadhipatis and block and district presidents.

She gave directions to the party workers for the upcoming Assembly elections and urged everyone to go about the work of voters’ list updation very seriously.

“Block committees must work actively. MPs and MLAs must work in coordination with them,” she said.

Saying that Trinamool was not formed in a day, she added, “We were born out of struggle and people’s movements. During CPM rule, administration had to work as per the diktat of the party.”

“Freeing Bengal from CPM rule was our challenge. Rebuilding Bengal is now our challenge”, commented the Chairperson as she stressed that Congress, CPM and BJP have become one.

Speaking on the occasion, All India General Secretary of the party, Subrata Bakshi and South 24 Parganas District President Sovan Chatterjee gave instructions to those present regarding helping people during electoral roll revision.

Leader of the party in Lok Sabha, Sudip Bandyopadhyay said, “Trinamool has fulfilled all the promises we made in our Manifesto in 2011. We must highlight our achievements. We must dedicate ourselves to the party.”

Trinamool supports OROP demand by ex-servicemen

Ex-servicemen, who are on a relay hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi for the implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP), today reached out to West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee.

They handed over a letter written to Mamata Banerjee, seeking her support for their cause.

Leader of AITC Parliamentary Party in the Rajya Sabha and Chief National Spokesperson, Derek O’Brien met the protestors on behalf of Mamata Banerjee earlier today. He spent about one hour at Jantar Mantar speaking to the veterans. He lent support to their cause on behalf of Trinamool Congress.

The ex-servicemen were given several assurances in the past, as recently as 2013 and 2014, regarding the implementation of OROP; the assurances have still not been fulfilled.

“This letter will reach Mamata di and she will even consider visiting them when she is next Delhi,” Derek said.

Trinamool will extend all support to the agitation by ex-servicemen and raise the issue both in and outside Parliament.

Mamata Banerjee’s 3 D mantra for success: Dedication, Devotion, Determination

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee today addressed the young party activists belonging to Trinamool Chhatra Parishad at a workshop held at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata.

The Chairperson asked students not to be depressed or upset and follow the 3 D’s for success: Dedication, Devotion, Determination. She said the huge turnout for the workshop today was an inspiration for her.

Class Representatives (CR) owing allegiance to Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad in different colleges across the State took part in this programme to take guidance from the senior leadership of the party.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairperson was immersed in nostalgia. “I feel proud to say my initiation in politics was with student activism. Our political career started from grassroots,” she said. She urged students to work for the people and always be by their side.

Criticising a section of the media for hyping small incidents, she said people have not forgotten the horrors of CPM rule in Netai, Khejuri, Nandigram or Keshpur. “We have to defeat CPM-BJP-Congress in the Assembly Elections,” she told the TMCP activists.

She made it clear their ideology was supreme in Trinamool. “We withdrew support to the Centre when their policies became anti-people,” she added. She also said that a database of TMCP activists in Bengal would be built.

Speaking of the development in Bengal in the last four years, the Chairperson said her government had set up 13 colleges in the last four years while Left Front set up only two in 34 years. “There were 31 colleges in Bengal till 2011. In four years we have set up 45 new colleges. There were only 1300 medical seats in Bengal till 2011. We have taken the number up to 2700 in just four years,” she added.

She also highlighted the success of Kanyashree while promising that 40 lakh girl students would receive cycles in the coming months. She also took pride in the fact that treatment for cancer, cardiac ailments and Thalassemia is free in the State.

TMC is in, rest all are out: Mamata Banerjee to party councillors

Mamata Banerjee today met the newly elected party councillors, including the outgoing civic body chiefs who won, from across Bengal at Nazrul Mancha to lay down guidelines on how to adhere to a “time-bound” schedule for development activities for the next five years.

Besides the Chairperson, party’s Secretary General Partha Chatterjee, urban development minister Firhad Hakim and the party’s general secretary and MP, Suvendu Adhikari also addressed the gathering.

Trinamool has won 70 of the 91 civic boards in the districts in addition to sweeping the Kolkata Municipal Corporation polls.

A total of 1,425 elected representatives, including the 114 Trinamool councillors in KMC, are expected to participate in today’s session.

Highlights of the Chairperson’s speech:

  • I welcome all the elected representatives who are present here today.
  • People of #Bengal have given a fitting reply to the canards spread by a section of people.
  • We dedicate our victory to the people. This is the beauty of democracy.
  • You have to go to every household in your wards to thank people for their support.
  • We are not here for power. We are just representatives of people.
  • We are here to work for the people. This is our duty. This is our responsibility.
  • Those who perform well must be acknowledged. Those who are committing mistakes must correct their course.
  • We are working for people of all castes, creed, communities.
  • Some people are trying to incite communal tension. It is easy to create rifts. It is not easy to win hearts.
  • Every municipality should organise training camps to make new councillors aware of their duties.
  • I will meet the PM during his State-visit. It is my Constitutional duty which I have to perform.
  • When I was Railway Minister I had initiated several projects for Bengal.
  • When we came to power I said I will develop land maps and land banks. I have done that.
  • We have lost a lot of time because of various elections. We could have done much more.
  • We inherited a huge debt burden. Centre takes away our revenues for no fault of ours.
  • Centre takes taxes from all States and then distributes money to us. They are not doing any favour.
  • Centre has slashed allocations for various schemes like Sarva Siksha Abhiyan & Backward Region Development.
  • They have reduced funds for ICDS. There are no funds for mid-day meal scheme. How will poor students survive.
  • So many people will be out of work if 100 Days’ Work Scheme is curtailed.
  • I will raise all these issues with the Centre.
  • When I don’t meet the PM, media says I am always fighting. When I meet him, they say we have a deal.
  • I am in favour of making the federal structure of India stronger.
  • We are giving rice at Rs 2/kg to the land losers in Singur.
  • We are providing vocational training to Adivasi, tribal students.
  • We have a social responsibility. We are aware of our duties.
  • CPM-Congress-BJP-ABP have formed an alliance.
  • These days anything and everything is presented as news. Facts are not even cross-checked. Lies are spread for TRP.
  • Three districts from Bengal are among the Top 4 districts in India in building toilets.
  • A leader has to take everyone along. Let Opposition continue their slander. We will work for the people.
  • We will celebrate our victory through Rabindra Jayanti function at 4 PM on Saturday in every block.
  • Trinamool Congress is intact. TMC is in. Rest all are out.
  • We gave the slogan ‘Bodla noy, bodol chai’ (We want change not revenge) in 2011.
  • Stay alert. Serve the people in your municipalities. Work for people. Stay well.
  • Young generation must come forward. We have to prepare the new generation.

I am confident people will vote for us: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee addressed a second campaign rally at Behala today.  She stated that when a party forms a government, the government should run as a separate entity, not controlled by the party. But this is not what is happening with the BJP at the Centre. It is spreading terror and indulging in divisive politics. But the people of Bengal will remain united.

Ms Mamata Banerjee stated that due to the delay in receiving funds from the Centre, the Metro Railway project is stuck. She said that will take up this issue strongly with the Centre to ensure the proper flow of funds for a timely completion of the project.

Since development is the primary agenda of KMC, it is overcoming all barriers and coordinating with the other agencies to carry out its work. The Left-run KMC board had no vision, but this board, through dint of sheer hard work, has done a lot of development work in just three-and-a-half years.

While the CBI is treated like a God by the Opposition, the Chairperson reminded the people there are many cases still pending with the CBI, like the Tapashi Mallick murder case – her parents are still awaiting justice. Trinamool won’t back out because of being threatened through the CBI, the ED, the I-T Department or any other central agency.

We are number one in the 100-days work scheme, and have introduced a number welfare schemes like Kanyashree, fair price medicine shops, etc.

The Chairperson ended her speech by urging the people to vote for Trinamool so that the wave of development continues unabated in Kolkata.

Highlights of her speech:









BJP using CBI for political vendetta: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee addressed the press in Parliament today. She is in New Delhi to visit the President.

In her speech she said Trinamool Congress has no connection with any chit fund scam.


Here are the highlights of her speech:

Trinamool won 34 seats in the Lok Sabha election. But I could not come to visit them in Parliament earlier. So I have come here today.

  • Trinamool has no connection with any chit fund scam.
  • People who are cheating people in the name of chit funds are illegal.
  • Chit funds come under Centre’s jurisdiction. It comes under RBI and SEBI. States are not empowered to act.
  • We passed a Bill in State Assembly to regulate chit funds. But Centre has not responded on it till now.
  • What were RBI and SEBI doing when chit funds were set up?
  • Not just Saradha, why have they not acted against any other chit funds?
  • There is a chit fund called PACL which looted Rs 47000 crore. Why no action has been taken against them?
  • We arrested the Saradha chit fund owner. We set up a commission and gave money back to 5 lakh people.
  • Why have they not returned a penny after CBI took over investigation?
  • We are the only Government who returned money back to poor investors.
  • Mother of thieves shouts the loudest. They are politicizing the issue.
  • CBI was given the case of Tagore’s Nobel theft. They failed to crack the case. CBI has failed in Singur, Nandigram, Netai.
    CBI is being used for political vendetta.
  • People who are working transparently are being branded thieves and the real thieves are running the country.
  • Democracy cannot be bulldozed. We are fighting battle against BJP which is why they are jealous.
  • Why they said Bhaag, bhaag bhaag? Koi nahin bhaagega… janta aap logon ko bhagayega.