Haringhata Meat to launch chicken chips for the first time in India

Haringhata Meat, a chain of raw as well as ready-to-eat meat shops under the State Animal Resources Development Department, has decided to introduce chicken pickles and chicken chips.

According to the managing director of Haringhata Meat, this is the first time in Indian that chicken chips will be produced. The machinery for producing the chips is being installed. Production will start after people are trained on how to use them. Chicken pickle is already being produced.

The pickle was launched in June while the chips will be launched around the time of Durga Puja.

These innovation products, said the managing director, will increase the sales of Haringhata Meat manifold. As it is, the brand is steadily gaining popularity. Outlets are being opened both in Kolkata and across the State.

Source: Dainik Jugasankha