Rajya Sabha

July 24, 2019

Derek O’Brien makes a Point of Order on introduction of Bills

Derek O’Brien makes a Point of Order on introduction of Bills


Sir, I am taking off in the spirit from which the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha clearly outlined his view, and not only was he speaking today as the Leader of the Opposition but there are also some people somewhere in between who have the same view. I am earnestly requesting for cooperation because it is not only the Government, but the Government and the Opposition together who have passed fourteen Bills yet.

In a gesture of cooperation, what we are suggesting is that – there are about 18 to 19 Bills that have been transmitted here, and as the Opposition parties we have informally made a list of seven Bills, not all, mind you, Sir, that have undergone no parliamentary scrutiny either through a Select Committee or a Standing Committee – so in the spirit of cooperation, to improve these Bills further, to have public discussions on them and to maintain the glorious tradition set from 1993, we have informally shared with the Government that please send these Bills to committees, and even though we are bringing resolutions, we will more than happy if the Government brings the resolutions and forms these committees.

If the Standing Committees have not been formed, that’s ok, but then they can go to Select Committees because in that case you won’t need Standing Committee. So in the spirit of cooperation, in the spirit of being a constructive Opposition, through you, Sir, this is what we wish to convey to the Government. Thank you.


I disagree with what Bhupendra ji has said. Main to disagree nahin kar raha hoon. Kyun aap soch rahe hain ki hum disagree kar rahe hain? Sir, Rule 258 hain, rules kaafi hain, Rule 83 bhi hain. This is in the spirit of cooperation. We welcome what they have said, I am welcoming it on the behalf of Trinamool, I am welcoming that they are going to discuss the Bill and not take up the RTI Bill today.

As I have said earlier, I am not the Leader of the Opposition and so I am not qualified to speak. But six to seven Bills need some scrutiny in order to improve them. The RTI Bill, The Muslim Women Bill, The Common Wages Bill, The Occupational Safety Bill, The Inter-State River Water Dispute Bill, The DNA Technology and Unlawful Activities. These are the seven, Sir. This is the limited point of view.


Sir, I am not shouting or screaming, I want a civilised debate. My Point of Order is on Rule 67. What Bhupendra Yadav Ji has said, as per Rule 67, it is not 100 per cent but 200 per cent correct.

Now what is the convention? The Opposition together have moved a notice as per Rule 67, that is fine. My suggestion through you, Sir, is to not to look at the Rule even though we moved the Rule, but to look at the convention. The convention is when there are fourteen, fifteen or sixteen Opposition parties like this, we would welcome the Government, through you, Sir, to do that resolution and we will support the Government’s resolution, not this resolution. Thank you, Sir.