Lok Sabha

February 4, 2022

Aparupa Poddar speaks during the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address

Aparupa Poddar speaks during the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address


चेयरमैन सर, आपनेमझुेराष्ट्रपति के अतििाषण पर बोलनेका मौका तिया, इसके तलए मैंआपको धन्यवाि िेिी ह ूं। There is not a single sector which is not under stress because of the policies of the Government and the Presidential Address of this year was the advertisement of high-level …  where the Government has tried to paint a rosy picture of the economy and the condition of the country. The Address has missed out several important issues which are plaguing the country today.  There is no mention about the job losses, adverse impact of coronavirus, migrant labour crisis, falling GDP, escalation on the border by China which isresulting in deaths of our soldiers, protests,deaths of our farmers and increasing inequality. The Prime Minister during his 2014 election campaign had said: बहुि हुआ जनिा परपेरोल कावार, अबकीबार मोिी सरकार, India’s wholesale inflation has risen at the fastest pace in three decades on input costs fuelled by high commodity prices and supply constraints. Wholesale prices rose 14.2% in November from a year earlier as per
data released by the Commerce Ministry, which is at the highest level since December 1991 when it was 14.3 per cent.
In a reply given in the Lok Sabha, the Government has stated that revenue generated by taxation is used for the development schemes of the Government and also to provide relief to the poor during the pandemic period by schemes like Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY) under which free ration was provided to 80 crore beneficiaries. What is the price of groundnut oil? It was Rs.150.5 per litre a year ago and now it has gone up to Rs.177.91 per litre. The Price of mustard oil rose from Rs.126.17 to Rs.172.55. Prices of palm oil, vanaspati, and every household item have increased. One of the Ministers in the Government said that they imposed taxes to provide free vaccines to the people. I would ask the Government why they are advertising free vaccines and free food for the poor when in reality they are charging high taxes on petrol and diesel which are being paid by the poor sections of the
society. आप िी मतहलाह, ैंहम िी मतहलाह।ैंआज आप िी मेंबर ऑफ पातलियामेंट है, हम िीहैं, लेतकन
जब िी हम रसोई मेंजािेह, ैंप्याज काटनेसेआसूं ूतनकलिा है, उसी िरह अगर बाजार मेंजब पॉकेट से
पैसा तनकाल कर िेिेहैंतक बाजार करके सामान लाओ िो िी आूंसूतनकलिेह, ैंक्योंतक हर तिन जैसेहर
तिन आगेबढ़ रहाहै, हर कमोतिटी का िाम बढ़िेजा रहाह, ैयहबहुि ही तचूंिा का तवषय है। यहगरीब की
जेब को काटिेजा रहा है। यह तचूंिन का तवषय हैऔर आप िी इस चीज को अच्छेसेमहसूस कर रहेहैं।
तिमोतनटाइजेशन अचानक नवम्बर, 2016 मेंिारि के प्रधानमूंत्री नेलागूतकया। लतेकन उसकेबाि क्या
हुआ, उन्होंनेकहा तक इससेआिूंकवाि और ब्लैक मनी खत्म होगी, जो ब्लैक मनी आ रहीहै, वह िीबिूं
होगी। लतेकनआज िक यह प्रॉबल्म सॉल्व नहींहुई, क्याहुआ?

Unemployment rate has increased from six to seven per cent during COVID pandemic period. Given the economic
uncertainty due to prevailing COVID situation, we have not been able to see the promised acche din. अच्छेतिन हम लोगों नेअिी िक नहीं िेखेहैं। तजसकेपास नौकरी थी, उसने िी नौकरी खोयी है।
The Economic Survey reveals that even in the financial year 2021–22 the economy will be of the same size as in 2019-20 fiscal. The Government should be … of the economic ruin caused by its misplaced priorities. The two lost years have pushed 4.6 crore people into poverty and 84 per cent of families have seen wage reduction. The total debt of the Government of India, which was Rs.53 lakh crore in March 2014, would blow up to Rs.136 lakh crore by March 2022. Our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been leading the fight and protesting against the Government on the issue of price rise. The Centre has raised Rs.4 lakh crore in the recent times from increased fuel prices, and our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has demanded that the money should be equally distributed among the States. Even during this time of crisis also, she has given Rs. 500 or Rs.1000 to every woman under the Lokkhi Bhandar scheme. I oppose the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address because it does not take into consideration the importance of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and conveniently ignores their aspirations. It also paints a rosy picture of the economy whereas the reality is that we are moving towards recession due to the failed economic policies like demonetization and GST which have an adverse effect on the farmers, MSMEs and labourers and which have
led to unemployment.
मैंएक लाइन कहकर अपनीबाि समाप्त करिी ह ूं। इस सरकार की यह िशा है-
लश्कर िम्ुहाराहै, सरिार िी िम्ुहारा ह।ै
िमु झूठ को सच तलख िो, अखबार िी िम्ुहारा है।
इस िौर के फररयािी जाएूं िो कहाूं जाए,ूं
कानून िम्ुहारा है, िरबार िी िम्ुहारा है।