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October 4, 2016

State’s hired cars scheme gets overwhelming response

State’s hired cars scheme gets overwhelming response

The initiative of the state Transport department to make self-driven hired cars available in Kolkata has become immensely successful with all cars being booked within five days of its launch.

The private company that was given permit to facilitate the service decided to add more cars to its fleet before the Puja.

The state Transport Minister, had inaugurated the service on October 28. Within the past few days, all the cars have been booked and curiosity among people about the service has gone up.

The service was launched with a fleet of 15 cars of different classes. But with all the cars being booked from Shasthi onwards, the service provider has decided to add another 10 cars to their fleet.

It is believed that this scheme will give a boost to tourism as tourists can hire a car and visit tourism destination in the State without hassles.