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September 22, 2021

Mamata Banerjee’s call from Bhabanipur to make country BJP-free

Mamata Banerjee’s call from Bhabanipur to make country BJP-free

Polling will be held in the Bhabanipur seat on September 30. Before that, at an election rally at Ekbalpore on Wednesday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave a call to make the country free of the BJP. “A single vote of yours will propel us towards Delhi,” she said.


Some excerpts from her speech:

  • She gave a call to rid the country of the BJP. She gave a hint of fighting elections not just in Tripura, but in Yogi-ruled Uttar Pradesh as well.
  • A request had been made to contest the 2021 election from the farmers’ agitation-centric Nandigram. Hence, I contested. But how I was defeated there will be made public. A court case is going on. It will be known what all had been done there against me. If Mamata Banerjee is to be CM, it will be from Bhabanipur. This is how fate plays. It is not possible for me to leave you all.
  • Do not abstain from voting thinking that Mamata Banerjee will win in any case. Each one of you must vote; each vote is necessary. Otherwise you will not get me as CM, someone else will become.
  • I can call Modi-Shah as being two brothers. This is courtesy. But that does not mean I will accept Talibani rule in the country. Everyone will stay in the country. We will not allow the nation to be broken up. We will also not allow the state to be broken up. We will prevent divisiveness amongst the general public.
  • Each vote from you will help us move towards Delhi in the future. It will help stop those who cause riots in the name of elections. If a sapling is planted here, the tree will grow in Delhi. Plant the sapling here.
  • Trinamool leaders are being beaten up when they go to Tripura. Permission is not being given for any programmes. As soon as they know that we are going, Section 144 is being imposed.
  • The Chief Minister also informed that the Pujas will be held like every year. But everyone must follow all the Covid restrictions and precautions.