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TMC win in panchyat

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Cong. for win in panchyat election 13 out of 17 next time full marks must come. There is so many issue arise against tmc . all are happend in rural area but public must understand where the fault lies and they accept the proper party. Hope that didi must keep the development thinking of west bengal rural urban and city. different from other state. it's also depend our man not only the didi's work. So they must help her

Name Anindya Datta

Location Anand, Gujarat

Profession Mechanical Engineer

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I'm hopeful that better days are going to come for the State of West Bengal. Though there would be impediments on the way, I'm sure people will reap benefits of growth and development. in near future. The dwindling opposition from the Comrades will find lesser and lesser people support - one need not have to bother about what they say or do, in stead focus on the important mandate people of the State have given. My suggestion to Leftist people of the State who simply voted for CPM, elections after elections without recognising the Change happening around the World - please read the book "Who Moved My Cheese?" authored by Dr Spencer Johnson. My best wishes to all people residing in Bengal.

Name Arundhati Mukherjee-Roy

Location Wellington, New Zealand

Profession Senior Personal Banker - ANZ Bank

All The Best !!

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It's great to see that after so many decades some real good and hard effort is being taken to do some meaningful work towards the development of the state. But as it is not possible for Honb'le CM alone to execute those, lot of the responsibilities lie with the general public. I guess over the last few years we got into a practice of being lazy, and picked up the means of corruption as the easier means of achieving our goal or get our job done. It's a shame that although we voted in favour of current government and brought them to power hoping to see some change, but , are unable to give up our old practice, and, work with new energy towards rebuilding our state. Why can't for once we can think for the betterment of our own motherland and a bit selflessly work towards it rather than blaming others and simply looking after only and only our own quarters.

Name P.K.Chakraborty

Location Guwahati / Shillong

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Name Arun Kumar Das

Location Dubai

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Good Governance by TMC

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After 34 years of inaction and almost counterproductive governance by CPI(M) the West Bengal has become crippled. During the yearlong rule by TMC Government the situation has become much better. The Law and Order has been re-established, youths are getting jobs, Kolkata is getting a touch of beauty and people are experiencing fresh air to breath. Ora-Amra politics by previous regime had degraded people the level of animals. The constant uncivilized way of propaganda by opposition is part of the cultural degradation created by previous regime and still active. The media is to be taken care of by experts to nullify the ill effects of bad propaganda. Jangal Mahal issue has been tackled by TMC Government in a democratic way and this is an example of excellent governance. The sufferings by people of West Bengal due to denial of all legitimate financial relief by UPA Government needs to be taken up to the people of West Bengal. Oppositions are supporting enemies of West Bengal and that is the causing lot of suffering to people of West Bengal. SEZ or alternative to SEZ may be framed properly to attract investors. The actions are in full swing for Industrialization of West Bengal by TMC government. I hope soon investors will start investing in West Bengal. The infrastructure development of West Bengal is watched by investors as a very positive sign added with CM's strict instructions to stop all 'Bandhs' and chaos.

Name Balaram Paul

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Wishes for party

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Name Aditya Dasgupta

Location United States

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IT investments in WB

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First of all I must congratulate the TMC led govt for successfully completing 1 year in office. I must say that quite a few major milestones have been already achieved during this last one year: 1) Peace in Junglemahal 2) Peace in Darjeeling etc. However I was also interested in knowing what the govt is doing to lure in giants like Infosys, WIpro in the state given that some complications have surfaced as TMC does not ideologically believe in the concept of SEZ. I know that in this regard our beloved CM is trying to hard to make possible of entry of such well known IT companies in the state by negotiating with the UPA government. I was curious whether any significant progress has been made in this regard or not.I am sure if Infosys, WIpro etc come to our state it will enhance the image of our state like anything as there was hardly any progress made in the state for the last 35 years. I as an ordinary citizen of India would like to wish Mamata Banerjee all the very best in her future endeavours.

Name Krishna

Location New Delhi

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Thank you, Didi

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Didi, wish you five years of success and development out of which you completed 1 year. Please develop West Bengal at any cost. I hope you and your party worker must do this job.

Name Adil Mostafa Chowdhury

Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Profession Planning Engineer


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DIDI, Congratulation for one year in government. Continue your good work. We NRI's here always pray for our motherland here and pray for our beloved didi, Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Regards Adil mostafa chowdhury

Name Kallol Sen

Location Hyderabad

Profession Executive Accountant - Big 4 Audit Firm

Suggestion for development of most neglected region Purulia

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Hi, I am Kallol Sen, one of the Bengali staying outside Bengal due to job and higher studies. After Trinammol congress won the battle in WB, we again started dreaming to go back in our own place. When Gujrati, Telagu, Tamiliam can develop their states then why not Bengalis who are always considered as most intellectual and brilliant and hard working people in whole India. I strongly beleive that if Gujrat can do, we can easily make our state as most developed states in India when we are having ministers like Mamata Banerjee & Amit Mitra. I am basically from Purulia District (Raghunathpur), i always follow the economic and political conditions of WB as well as Purulia District. Through this mail i would like to request Didi that, for long time people from this region has suffered alot due to negligence by CPM, which we can see by increasing number of Maoist in this region. But one thing what i can ensure that, people from this region is very simple and hardworking, if Govt. show little bit of interest on them, they will definitely support Govt. for development work. Therefore, based on my little experience about industrilisation, i want to suggest few things which i think help Govt to develop this region. As we all aware that land on this part of west Bengal is not very fertile and agriculture is not possible in this region, which is also due to shortage of water. Therefore, instead of targeting agriculture or manufacturing sector, Govt can target service industry in this region. Like software, BPO and KPOs. It only requires basic infrastructure in that region to start with. Like in Hyderabad, Govt just provided road and one Building in Hi-Tech City and now that place is full of software companies. Connectivity through railway in that region is already good. We have two major railway station like Purulia and Adra. The only requirement is one good airport for which Basic infrastructure in Charra (Near Purulia) is already present. The only requirement is to renovate and modify the same. Also plenty of in-fertile land is available in that region and therefore availability of land will also not be very difficult. Govt just have to show confidence to the investors and to improve little bit of law and order. Once the region starts developing, automatically maoisism will reduce and state will start earning revenue and problem of unemployment will vanish. I am very sure, minister like Amit Mitra definitely put all his effort to change the picture of the state through his experience and contacts with FICCI members. Therefore, kindly ignore all the political hurdles created by CPM and other negative rumors in media and help the people of West Bengal who are having lots of faith in your party and always ready to help you. Sending this mail with lots of anticipations. All the best for all your good works, Kallol Sen.

Name Pinaki Sur

Location Mumbai

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Bengal Renaissance

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Respected Ms Mamata Banerjee May I have the privilege to forward following suggestions to you: 1. You have brought a new dawn and a new era in Bengal. Bengalis (irrespective of their geographical location) are now eagerly looking forward to see a new Bengal with sustainable growth, prosperity, large scale industrialization and good human values. 2. The Wikipedia says Nineteenth and early Twentieth century Bengal was a unique blend of religious and social reformers, scholars, literary giants, journalists, patriotic orators and scientists, all merging to form the image of a renaissance that was in someway similar to European Renaissance. I personally believe that your governance will definitely help Bengal to regain its rich cultural and educational heritage. 3. In this endeavour, you already have one of the most important inputs, the finest breed of creative human resource among all the Indian States, which will help you to build a complete face-lifted BENGAL comparatively in an easier way. 4. People of Bengal and Bengalis living throughout the globe have immense faith upon you. In fact the faith/believe of people of Bengal was manifested in terms of the results of historic assembly election of 2011 5. Kindly take all necessary measures to prevent any crack to be developed in the wall that people have build-up in the name of TRUST/FAITH/BELIEVE on Mamata Banerjee

Name Shyam Sengupta

Location Chennai

Profession Engineer

Trinamool - The ray of hope for bengal

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Whenever a prabashi bengali is asked about Bengal, the first thought that comes across his mind now is poriborton( change) but before the astonishing victory of madam Mamta Banarjee the entire picture of Bengal was different.My mother being an employee in the West Bengal Information Bureau since its inception in Chennai always had numerous promotions and transfer opportunities for the past 26 year's but she always rejected them because there was always a doubt in her mind-Is Bengal a safe place to live? are medical facilities good enough?, are educational facilities as good as chennai? an all these doubt's where prevailing because of the condition that our glorious state of Bengal was brought to in the regime of -C.P.M, But now after 26 years we have sensed change, we have seen a ray of hope that yes bengal is again participating in the race of development among states all over India, and this ray of hope has allowed my mother to change her perception towards our mother land and has returned back to Writer's as an information assistant after 26 long years, with one thing in her heart, -TRUST OVER THE LEADERSHIP OF MAMTA DI,Trust that bengal is not the same again. Even though i am born and brought up in Chennai, i have developed a keen interest towards bengal, towards mamta di , towards trinamool congress and slowly we prabashi bengali's have started to become a believer of MA-MATI-MANUSH, JAI HIND.

Name Ranjan

Location Delhi

Profession Service

Careful with Poriborton

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Dear TMC, I am in delhi for last 25 yrs, I visit bengal every year. The people of bengal has voted for a change. They are expecting miracles which is not possible. Your leader is looks committed to improve the state. But over last few months many incidents have dented your administrations (state govts) . What CM says is not acted upon by her lower rang party workers. It looks like the party has been filled with goons at lower levels. It is always the case that the local goons switch to the party in power. It happens everywhere. Be careful and try to resolve the problem. otherwise there will certainly be another poriborton after 5 yrs. Be sober and not arrogant.

Name Shishir Ray

Location Bengaluru

Profession Ex-Professional


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I lived in Midnapore for 60 years of my life. After retirement I shifted to Bangalore to help my son run his business here. Bangalore is a nice place to live in but Bengal is where my heart is even after 10 years. Yes of course I am aware of the changes taking place in Bengal and in fact I am glad Mamata Bannerjee has taken charge. The future looks good in Bengal. Bengal when I left was being torn apart by Maoists. Though the problem still exists today, I am optimistic about the new government solving matters. The problem lies in the mindset of the people of Bengal. For 34 years the Communist government has given jobs to the babus. These babus have become lethargic because they know that their sons too will be taken care of. There is a lack of enthusiasm to excel. When my son started his business here, I was happy. The new government needs time to reverse 34 yrs of decadence. The people have to have faith in it. The opposition is trying it is best to act and obstacles. Today they talk about farmer suicides. But the fact is that farmers started committing suicide from the time of the last government.

Name Avirup Sanyal

Location Bengaluru

Profession Law Student

Faith in Mamata Banerjee

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After I finished school in 2010, I came to Bengaluru to study law. Becoming a lawyer has been my dream since class 10 and as soon as the Ramaiah list came out I packed my bags and came here. I did not think twice before leaving. But after I complete my education, I want to practice in Kolkata. No I am not exactly aware of what happening in West Bengal with Mamata di in power. My schedule in college is hectic and doesn’t leave me with much time to read The Telegraph, which I did regularly when I was back in Kolkata. But I am very ashamed of my ignorance but there is little that I can do. I came to Bengaluru because options for law in Bengal are limited and NUJS cut-offs were too steep. When I left for Bengal in 2010, the communist party was still in power. The general thought in everyone’s mind then was that I better get out of Bengal as soon as I can. The job scene there looked stagnated and many of my batchmates left for USA and Canada and some to Singapore for their graduation. Now with a change in government, people are closely watching it with a magnifying glass. It is now upon the new government to win back the faith of the people. I am not really in the position to make any assessment about the new government. But, I have faith In Mamata Bannerjee and her team. But, she needs to be given time, at least 5 years, to implement all that she has promised and to bring about a poriborton.

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