Lok Sabha

July 16, 2019

Sisir Adhikari asks a Question on making law for keeping record of assets of panchayats

Sisir Adhikari asks a Question on making law for keeping record of assets of panchayats


I want to ask a question through you, Sir. The Honourable Panchayat Minister is here. Desh badta hai, Gandhi ji swaraj chahta hai. Humne khud 1963 mein pehla baar gram panchayat vote mein jite they. State mein Panchayat aur Rural Development Minister bhi they. Hum ek question poochna chahte hain aap se. Saari desh ka jitna rashi, State Government ho ya Central Government ho, panchayat mein deta hain badne ke liye, gaon ke development ke liye.

I want to place a request through you, Speaker Sir, for a commission for the coastal people, mainly for fishermen, from all States. In the country, there is 7,800km of coastal belt, an area inhabited mainly by fishermen. The Fisheries Minister is from Bihar. I think he will learn as well. My question is related to both the Panchayats and Fisheries Ministries. I ask you, Speaker Sir, to call a meeting of all MPs from the coastal belt to have a serious discussion over the matter and I request, through you, the two ministries to set up a commission.

Secondly, itni saari rashi daalta hai panchayat mein lekin panchayat ka aay (income) mein koi alag sa hissa nahin hain. Yeh log kitna sampad create kiya till date, kitna rupiya aaj kahan jata hain, kal kahan jata hain, uska bare mein bahut question aata hain – I will not go into that. I will ask, through you, for making a law, ki kitna sara property panchayat ke paas hain till date, how much money has been given, what permanent assets, durable assets have been created. There should be a record and that should be shown in the audit. As we have seen, there is no property register. Local body mein permanent property ka list rehta hain lekin panchayat mein kitna saara amanat, property hain uska koi list nahin hain.