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August 2, 2018

Super Emergency is on: Trinamool on heckling of AITC delegation at Silchar

Super Emergency is on: Trinamool on heckling of AITC delegation at Silchar

Today, a delegation from the Trinamool Congress was roughed up at the Silchar Airport, whence they had arrived on their way to places in Assam to talk to people removed from the National Registered of Citizens (NRC), which list was published recently, and take proper stock of the situation.

The delegation comprised eight people: four Lok Sabha MPs – Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, Ratna De Nag, Mamatabala Thakur, Arpita GHosh; two Rajya Sabha MPs – Sukhendu Sekhar Roy, Nadimul Haque; Bengal Cabinet Minister, Firhad Hakim, and MLA Mahua Moitra.

Trinamool protested against this incident in Rajya Sabha, leading to adjournment of the House. The issue was raised in Lok Sabha also.

Here’s what party leaders said on the issue:

Derek O’Brien

Trinamool Congress lawmakers did not go there to break the law. They are lawmakers, not law-breakers. That is why they even agreed to go in groups of two – four groups of two – to meet the affected people; even that they did not allow. Super-emergency is on. That is what happened today at Silchar in Assam. The situation is not good but we will fight this, the people are aware.

Dola Sen

They did not go there to break the law, they are lawmakers and representatives of the people (being MPs and MLAs). Hence, how were they identified as trouble-makers and law-breakers and heckled on the excuse of Section 144 being imposed? We are strongly condemning the act.

Super-emergency is on in the country. An unwritten emergency situation has been created by the ruling BJP across the country.

Dr Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar

We were surrounded by police as soon as we landed in Silchar Airport. They locked us up in a room. We are on a sit-in demonstration. Female MPs were beaten up and manhandled. We demanded to know whether there is any restraining order. Even journalists were roughed up.

Sukhendu Sekhar Roy

We are completely unarmed yet we were forcibly stopped from venturing out of the airport. The police force, led by senior officials, stopped us despite our being representatives of the people and lawmakers.

If Section 144 was on, why were only us stopped and not the other passengers of the plane? And also, the order talks about arms not to be allowed. We did not have any at all.

This is a conspiracy jointly hatched by the BJP Government at the Centre and in Assam. What is even more shameful is that our female MPs and the MLA were heckled by the police. Even I, a heart patient with a pacemaker installed, was pushed around by a drunk policeman.

This is highly undemocratic, a trampling upon of all laws in the Constitution. We are in sit-in situation at the airport. We are being detained at the airport.

Saugata Roy

Our delegation of four MPs from the Lok Sabha and two from the Rajya Sabha had gone to Assam to take stock of the situation after the publication of the NRC. The Assam Police has detained them at Silchar Airport.

This is a breach of privilege. They are interfering with the right to free movement of MPs.