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August 3, 2018

Heckling of Trinamool delegation in Silchar – Protests rock Parliament

Heckling of Trinamool delegation in Silchar – Protests rock Parliament

A delegation of Trinamool lawmakers was roughed up at the Silchar Airport yesterday, when they had arrived on their way to visit places in Assam to talk to people removed from the National Registered of Citizens (NRC), a list was published recently, and take proper stock of the situation.

The delegation comprised eight people: four Lok Sabha MPs – Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, Ratna De Nag, Mamatabala Thakur, Arpita GHosh; two Rajya Sabha MPs – Sukhendu Sekhar Roy, Nadimul Haque; Bengal Cabinet Minister, Firhad Hakim, and MLA Mahua Moitra.

Protesting against this issue, Trinamool MPs in Lok Sabha stormed to the Well of the House, leading to adjournment for 10 minutes. Notices of Privilege Motion were submitted in both the Houses of Parliament. In Rajya Sabha, it was submitted by Dr Santanu Sen.
Speaking on the issue in Rajya Sabha, Derek O’Brien said, “ This is not just an Assam issue. This is an issue for Rajasthan, an issue for Punjab, an issue for UP, an issue for Bengal. This is a national issue. This is a human rights issue, a humanitarian issue.”
He also accused the BJP of “classic double-speak”. He said, “What is the real voice of the Government? What Home Minister says here or what BJP President says outside? We need to know the real voice. We are hearing two voices.

He added, “I am quoting the Home Minister, what he said just now in the House: “communal disharmony is being spread”. Yes Sir, it is being spread. But I want to ask the Home Minister, who is spreading disharmony?”

In Lok Sabha, Kalyan Banerjee said, “A citizen of India has a right to move to any part of India. MPs also have a responsibility to visit any part of India whenever there is a disturbance. It is clear from their statement that it was a malafide action.”

He added, “We are seriously deprecating the way Assam Police detained our team. We are condemning this incident. After the news came yesterday, we expected that the Central Government will intimate us on its own and take appropriate action. Nothing was done. The right of six MPs to protect the people and assess the situation was taken away.”