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November 13, 2018

Baradih Pahar – new tourist destination in Bankura

Baradih Pahar – new tourist destination in Bankura

From a popular picnic spot, Baradih Pahar in the district of Bankura will soon turn into a tourist spot.

The State Government has taken an initiative to develop this small hill, at whose foothills is the village of Baradih, located along the bank of the river Kangsabati in Sarenga block in southern Bankura. Regular arrival of tourists would also mean employment opportunities for the local population.

The place is a natural paradise. The hill is covered by a jungle of sal and mahua trees, with a narrow path slicing through. This path has been concretised recently by the local administration for the benefit of tourists. Strewn across the hill are stones of various shapes, which add a charm of its own. There is an abundance of birds as well.

A picturesque guest house has been constructed there, and a restaurant too. A submersible pump for ensuring adequate supply of water has also been set up. Thus night stay has been made possible. There is plan to create a children’s park on the hill too. All in all, all facilities are being set up to make Baradih Pahar a popular destination.

Source: Khabar 365 Din